Mobile Tool Base Templates

These templates will make it easy for you to cut out the correct shapes and hole placement for the parts that make up the lifting mechanism.

Click on the pictures below to be taken to the full size image.  Then download and save these onto your computer and print. Then cut them out and trace. The foot lever template is for the 4×6 piece, the lifting mechanism side template is for the two 2×6 pieces, and the caster assembly template goes over the side of the 2×4 and is to help mark the hole to be drilled.

Important: before printing, go under page setup and minimize the top, bottom, and side margins to the smallest amount. Also make sure to set the correct portrait or landscape setting. Then under your printer settings, make sure to print at 100% size. Do not scale to fit page. For best results, open and print through MS Paint.

Mobile tool base templates

mobile tool base template

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