Martha Stewart Living Electric Outdoor Power Equipment

What do you think of when you hear Martha Stewart? Now add outdoor power equipment to that list as she’s got a new line of electric outdoor power tools. I’m … Continue Reading →

Einhell Power Tools Invades USA

Einhell is a German brand most Americans haven’t heard of but I’ve seen their name before when snooping around on Amazon UK. I’ve also heard comments about them from my … Continue Reading →

2 New Ryobi 18V Brushless Mowers and Scarifier/Aerator

Three new Ryobi 18V outdoor power tools have been spotted in the UK with 2 new brushless 18V mowers 40cm (15.7″) RY18LMX40A-0 & 37cm (14.56″) RY18LMX37A-0 and a new 18V … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger 2951-20

Milwaukee just announced their newest M12 radio, the Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger 2951-20. It’s been many years since the original M12 radio was launched and while it was and still … Continue Reading →

3 New Makita X2 36V Brushless Lawn Mowers in 21″ & 18″ XML06, XML07, XML08

Last month in March, Makita announced three new premium battery powered mowers with the XML06, XML07, XML08 models of which are part of the X2 line of 18V tools that … Continue Reading →

Ryobi P20130 P20103 18V Cordless 10″ String Trimmer – New Budget Model Kit Under $100

Ryobi has a new budget 18V cordless string trimmer kit that doesn’t break the bank and is less than $100 with the Ryobi P20130 P20103 18V Cordless 10″ String Trimmer. … Continue Reading →

Ryobi P137 18V 40V Dual Platform Charger

TTI is copying what they’ve done with Milwaukee dual voltage chargers and adding that to their Ryobi lineup with their very own dual voltage charger, the Ryobi P137 18V 40V … Continue Reading →

Ryobi 40V 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Cordless Pressure Washer RY40PW01DG9

Recently we learned that Ryobi had a new cordless pressure washer with the Ryobi 18V Cordless Power Cleaner RY120350 which was a small light duty model. Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue Reading →