Ego 56V 18″ Chainsaw CS1800 CS1804

Interesting OPE news today, Ego now has an 18 inch chainsaw as part of the 56V cordless line. It has a model number of CS1800 as a baretool and CS1804 … Continue Reading →

New Ego 21″ LM2142SP Self Propelled Dual Port Mower With Peak Power Can Use Two Batteries Together

Ego has now come out with a new 21″ LM2142SP Self Propelled Mower With Peak Power that can use two batteries together for increased runtime and efficient power draw. Up … Continue Reading →

Ego 56V 10.0 Ah G3 3P Battery Has A Massive Capacity

A new massive capacity battery from Ego has been spotted and it’s the Ego 56V 10.0 Ah G3 3P Battery. The new Ego 56V battery is packing a whopping 10.0 … Continue Reading →

New Ego 56V G3 2P 5.0 Ah and 2.5 Ah Battery – First Ego Batteries To Offer A True Fuel Gauge

When I mow my lawn I use an Ego battery powered mower. The Ego battery I use has what they call a battery status indicator or something like that but … Continue Reading →

Ego Power+ Nexus Portable Power Station PST3042 3000 Watt

Ego released a new Power+ Nexus 3000 Watt Portable Power Station PST3042 ! No doubt they’ve been working on this for months/years however you can’t help but feel this seems … Continue Reading →

Ego Commercial Series – New Battery Powered Outdoor Power Equipment For Pro’s

Ego the maker of the widely popular 56V battery powered outdoor power equipment geared for homeowners is now announcing a new line of 56V OPE for commercial use called the … Continue Reading →

Ego Nexus Escape Power Inverter

Recently Ego teased us with a video saying they were making something new that would allow their batteries to power more than just lawn tools. I interpreted this to mean … Continue Reading →

Ego Might Be Producing 56V Power Tools Soon

Ego is well known for their popular 56V line of outdoor power equipment that run on their 56 volt batteries and I recently noticed that on their Facebook page they … Continue Reading →

News – Ego 56V Double Handle String Trimmer EGBC1500E Spotted

An Ego 56V Double Handle String Trimmer Spotted has been spotted in the UK. Unlike most string trimmers on the market, this one has a double handle design, similar to … Continue Reading →

2 New Ego 56V 20 Inch Steel Deck Brushless Mowers – One is Self Propelled

Late last year we learned that Ego had came out with a new 20″ steel deck mower as part of their battery powered 56V line, but the news was limited … Continue Reading →

Ego Power Head System – Multi Head 56V Outdoor Power Tool System

New to the Ego 56V line of battery powered outdoor power equipment is a new Multi Head system called the Ego Power Head System. At the heart of the multi … Continue Reading →

2017 Ego 56V Blower Puts Out 575 CFM 142 MPH

This year Ego is coming out with a updated battery powered blower part of their 56V outdoor power tool line. Last years 2016 model was impressive at the time with … Continue Reading →

New Ego 26 Inch Hedge Trimmer HT6500E Spotted in the UK

A new Ego 26 Inch Hedge Trimmer HT6500E Spotted over in the UK. Most notable feature over the current Ego 56V hedge trimmer is the additional length of 26 inches … Continue Reading →

New Ego 56V Brushless 15 inch String Trimmer with Rapid Load Head

A new Ego 56V Brushless 15 inch String Trimmer has popped up at the Home Depot website with a model number ST1500SF as a baretool or ST1502SF with a 2.5ah battery and charger. … Continue Reading →

New Ego 56V 20″ Steel Deck Mower Spotted

Thanks to Tool Craze YouTube viewer Robert L. a new Ego 20″ Steel Deck Mower has been spotted in the UK. The current Ego Mowers have plastic decks, nothing wrong … Continue Reading →