AEG BIW 18CB3-0 Compact 3 Speed 18v Brushless 1/2” Impact Wrench

AEG is adding themselves to the market of compact impact wrenches with their new ½” drive 3 speed brushless model, the BIW 18CB3-0. This new impact looks to be the … Continue Reading →

AEG BKP18C600-0 18v Caulking Gun Spotted

Recently spotted on the AEG Australia website is a new BKP18C600-0 18v caulking gun. This is great news as this is the first caulking gun to hit AEG’s 18v battery … Continue Reading →

New AEG 18v Fusion Brushless 125mm 5” Angle Grinders Spotted

2 new AEG brushless 18v 125mm 5” angle grinders have showed up on the Bunnings AU website. These new units looks to be the new flagship models with the options … Continue Reading →

AEG Dual Port Rapid Charger

While we already wrote about the AEG 12v/18v charger a few months back, AEG also has a dual port rapid charger capable of charging 2 6.0ah batteries in just 60 … Continue Reading →

AEG / Echo 6.0 Ah 58V Battery Spotted

Turns out chinese retail website can be very good for spotting new tools in the AEG/Ridgid category. My thought is that perhaps prototypes of new products get sold off once … Continue Reading →

AEG Quickstack 22″ Crate

Shortly after we heard about the AEG 22” Quickstack storage boxes, another addition showed up on the Bunnings Warehouse AU website. The newest part of the system is the 22” … Continue Reading →

AEG BHSS18BL-0 18v Brushless Handheld Vacuum Spotted

AEG BHSS18BL-0 18v brushless handheld vacuum has been spotted on the Bunnings AU website. It has a rated capacity of 0.65 liters and is powered by AEG 18v batteries. Accessories … Continue Reading →

AEG Quickstack Modular Storage 3 Piece Kit – Better Late Than Never

AEG has a new three piece modular storage tool box system called the AEG Quickstack Modular Storage 3 Piece Kit. But wait, doesn’t it look familiar to you? If so that’s … Continue Reading →

New AEG 18V 9.0Ah FORCE Battery

We already knew about AEG having a 9.0 ah battery however that model was under the “Pro” label that most likely uses the tried and true 18650 cells however we’ve … Continue Reading →

AEG 18V / 58V 15L Backpack Sprayer

A new AEG cordless backpack sprayer has been spotted in Australia and the most interesting part is that it’s compatible with 18 volt and 58 volt batteries! We all know … Continue Reading →

AEG BMT12C 12V Multitool

A new AEG BMT12C 12V Multitool has been spotted over at the AEG France Facebook page. What’s interesting about this multitool is that it’s a stand alone tool meaning it’s not … Continue Reading →

AEG 18V Fusion 550mm (21.6 inch) Hedge Trimmer

Another AEG Fusion branded cordless power tool has popped up on the AEG website and it’s an 18V Fusion 550mm hedge trimmer. The new Fusion branded AEG tools were designed … Continue Reading →

AEG 2 X 18V 36V Brushless Fusion 18″ Lawn Mower

Glenn and Joshua B both spotted a new AEG 2 X 18V 36V Brushless Fusion 18″ Lawn Mower over in the Bunnings website. This marks another AEG cordless power tool that … Continue Reading →

AEG Dual 18V Brushless 3.8L Air Compressor

Most of the time AEG gets new power tools before we ever see them as Ridgid tools but as Glenn was mentioning, here is one tool that was available as … Continue Reading →

AEG BLK1218 Fast Twin Multi Charger – Charges 12V & 18V Batteries Fast

Here’s a full featured dual bay fast charger for your AEG 12V and 18V batteries – the AEG BLK1218 Twin Fast Multi Charger. It’s known as the multi charger in … Continue Reading →