New Milwaukee Masonry, Concrete, and Tile Drilling Accessories

Milwaukee has announced new masonry, concrete and tile drilling accessories. These include new MX4 4 cutter rotary hammer drill bits, “Sledge” chisels, carbide hammer drill bits, SHOCKWAVE™ Carbide Multi-Material Drill … Continue Reading →

New Next Gen Milwaukee Shockwave Red Helix Titanium Drill Bits

Milwaukee has announced a new generation of SHOCKWAVE Red Helix Titanium Drill Bits! They are said to last up to 5x more than standard black oxide drill bits. They will … Continue Reading →

New Milwaukee Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades Claim To Deliver Fastest Cuts and Longest Life

Milwaukee has announced new Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades that are said to deliver the fastest cuts and longest life. They have a full assortment of metal cutting circular saw … Continue Reading →

New Milwaukee Impact Resistant Gloves Line

Milwaukee has announced new impact resistant gloves. These offer back of hand protection for critical areas including the knuckles and fingers while still offering dexterity and mobility. They will come … Continue Reading →

Deal – Milwaukee M12 Drill/Impact/Hackzall Combo Kit + Ratchet $199

There’s a deal on a Milwaukee M12 3 tool combo kit that includes the 3/8″ brushed drill, brushed impact driver and brushed Hackzall with two 1.5ah batteries, charger, and tool … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1” D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrench ONE-KEY 2868-22HD

Back in January this year, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1” D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrench with ONE-KEY was spotted before official release. You can check out that article by clicking … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger 2951-20

Milwaukee just announced their newest M12 radio, the Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger 2951-20. It’s been many years since the original M12 radio was launched and while it was and still … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags To Track Tools & Equipment

Years ago Milwaukee introduced the Tick as a means to track tools and equipment through that didn’t have One-Key built in via bluetooth connectivity. Now Milwaukee has release One-Key Asset … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee MX Fuel Breaker MXF368-1XC

Last year 2019 Milwaukee announced it’s new MX Fuel cordless equipment lineup and one of those tools as part of the line is the Milwaukee MX Fuel Breaker MXF368-1XC. Milwaukee … Continue Reading →