Bosch Blaze GLM400C & GLM400CL Offer Camera & Display that let you Spot Your Target From Afar

Bosch has a couple of new laser measures models GLM400C & GLM400CL that can measure distances up to 400 feet but their standout features are that they have built in 5.0 … Continue Reading →

Bosch GHO12V-08 12V Max Planer USA Version

Last week we learned that Bosch would be sending their new cordless 12 volt trim router to the USA and they are also sending us their cordless 12 volt planer … Continue Reading →

Bosch GKF12V-25N 12V Max Palm Edge Router – USA Version

The European version of the Bosch 12V router was spotted September of 2017 however other than it’s existance and a picture, we didn’t have any details on it or of … Continue Reading →

Bosch GAS18V-02 18V Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Bosch announced a new GAS18V-02 18V Cordless Handheld Vacuum cleaner. This small vacuum is very portable with the traditional dust buster style body and should offer decent performance and runtime thanks … Continue Reading →

In The News – Bosch Sells Over 50 Million Daredevil Spade Bits Since 2013

Released in November 2013, Bosch’s Daredevil spade bits have sold over 50 million since then. This is no surprise to me as they have a quality product at a great … Continue Reading →

Bosch NanoBlade EasyCut 12 Volt Chainsaw

I’ll start out by saying that I’ve been waiting for Makita to make another 12V chainsaw all the while Bosch currently has a 12V chainsaw on the market right now … Continue Reading →

Bosch GWS18V-45PSC EC Brushless 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder – New Bluetooth Connected Interface with Paddle Switch

Bosch has a new brushless angle grinder with their latest model the GWS18V-45PSC EC Brushless 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder. While it is a new model I wouldn’t say it’s a completely … Continue Reading →

Bosch SpeedXtreme SDS Max Rotary Hammer Bits With 100% Full Head Carbide Offer 5X Life

Bosch SpeedXtreme SDS Max Rotary Hammer Bits now come with tips that are 100% carbide. Thanks to this full head carbide tip, Bosch says these new bits will offer 5 times … Continue Reading →

Bosch Enters the Star Wars

Mark Hamill the actor the actor who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise was spotted in a video where he is operating a Bosch demolition hammer. It’s a … Continue Reading →

Updated Info on the Bosch Brushless GWS18V-45C 18V Angle Grinder

I wrote about the Bosch GWS18V-45C 18V EC Brushless 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder and based my article on official specs and features directly from Bosch themselves. I just received an email … Continue Reading →

Bosch BlueGranite Turbo Carbide Hammer Drill Bits Offer Longer Life & Greater Speed

Bosch has new BlueGranite Turbo Carbide hammer drill bits that are said to deliver 5x life and 2x speed versus standard masonry bits. The bits features an upgraded four-grind head, … Continue Reading →

Bosch GLL3-330CG (green beam), GLL3-330C (red beam) and GLL3-300 (red beam) 360° Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers offer precision and convenience

Las Vegas, Nev., Jan. 23, 2018 – When the job is leveling and alignment, sometimes it takes a family to get the job done right. Bosch GLL3-330CG, GLL3-330C and GLL3-300 … Continue Reading →

New Bosch Bulldog Xtreme SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Bits Are Optimized for Cordless Tools

As cordless tools continue to dominate the jobsite, it becomes more important to team them up with optimized accessories. Bosch Bulldog Xtreme SDS-plus Hammer Bits are now optimized for use … Continue Reading →

Bosch GSH27-26 Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer with GPS Tracking, SDS-Max Hammers with GPS25-4 Retrofit Tracking Module Ensure Real Time Location Anywhere

Las Vegas, Nev., Jan. 23, 2018 – Time and money are two of the most important commodities around and ensuring optimum use of these resources means key assets are available … Continue Reading →

Bosch GDX18V-1600 18V ¼” Hex and ½” Square Drive Socket Ready Impact Driver – New Brushed Model

The WOC 2018 brought us lots of new tools from Bosch and one of them is a new impact driver similar to their already popular socket ready impact driver called … Continue Reading →