AEG Dual Port Rapid Charger

While we already wrote about the AEG 12v/18v charger a few months back, AEG also has a dual port rapid charger capable of charging 2 6.0ah batteries in just 60 minutes! That’s approaching the charging speed of Makita who have some very fast charging times. This differs from the Ridgid dual port charger as the AEG charges 2 batteries simultaneously while the Ridgid only charges sequentially. Why they are different I don’t know, but those running the AEG 18v system can benefit from faster charge times and the ability to charge 2 batteries at a time. One feature that carries over from the Ridgid model is the USB port on the front to charge your mobile devices.

My thoughts: From what I could find this is the first AEG 18v dual port charger to be able to charge lithium ion batteries as the old model was from quite a few years ago and could only charge the older ni cad type batteries. I certainly hope we get the equivalent to this charger here in the North American market as a Ridgid product as the Ridgid dual port charger only charges one battery at a time.

Features and specifications:

  • 240V AC pass through power outlets
  • Overload protection
  • Comprehensive LED indicators to let you monitor the charge cycle and battery health
  • Built in USB charging port
  • Voltage: 240v AC

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I want it! I have the Ridgid dual charger. While it is nice in that it has two 120V pass through plugs and two USB ports,it has always baffled me why they didn’t make it charge the batteries simultaneously. How hard could that be? It’s not like it draws much current. As it is, I plug two single chargers into the dual, load four batteries total and walk away.

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