May 15, 2022 Blood Moon – Images of Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse

This past Sunday May 15, 2022 we had a lunar eclipse and it created an amazing “blood moon”. Hopefully many of you saw it with your own eyes as it … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee ANSI Cut Rated High-Dexterity Polyurethane Dipped Gloves

Milwaukee announced today that they are introducing new ANSI cut rated high dexterity polyurethane dipped gloves which expand on their PPE safety gear. Disclosure: This is not a review, this is … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Adds 3 M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK Attachments – Brush Cutter, Rubber Broom, & Bristle Brush

Today Milwaukee announced the addition of three new M18 Fuel power head QUIK-LOK attachments designed as full replacements for manual tools such as rakes, shovels, and brooms, as well as … Continue Reading →

2 New Makita 40V XGT Metal Cutting Saws GBP01 & GSC01

Makita has announced several new XGT 40V cordless power tools for May and they include 2 new metal cutting saws. They are a 40V deep cut portable band saw GBP01 … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Adds Sun Protection To Bolt Hard Hats

Milwaukee has announced that they are adding Bolt sun protection as an optional accessory to their hard hats and helmet line. They are expected to launch this month May 2022. … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Adds Arm Protection To PPE Line With Cut Resistant Sleeves

Milwaukee has announced that they are adding arm protection to their PPE lineup with new cut resistant sleeves. Also part of the news this week is the addition of 2 … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler 2843-22

Milwaukee being no stranger to cordless battery powered nailers and staplers has introduced a new cordless stapler for the needs of linemen and fence installers with the Milwaukee M18 FUEL … Continue Reading →

2 New Ryobi 18V Clamp Lights

Ryobi has announced two new 18V lights with a clamping base similar to the one found on the clamp fan. They are the Ryobi 18V flexible LED clamp light PCL665B … Continue Reading →