Bauer 5.0 Ah and 8.0 Ah Batteries And Brushless Tools Coming Soon

Bauer Is Bringing Brushless Tools Plus 5.0ah And 8.0ah Batteries Soon!

I was in my Local Harbor Freight the other day and noticed their flyer for their Bauer days promotion, and noticed in the lower right hand corner they have a sneak peek of some exciting new tools! First off we can see a new 20v cordless heat gun, as well as a 20v cordless pole saw. They also have the 20v string trimmer below the pole saw, but that’s already been covered in a separate Tool Craze article a couple months ago. Working our way down they also announce 2 new 20v batteries of 5.0ah and 8.0ah capacities, which are much higher in capacity than their current 1.5ah and 3.0ah batteries.

This is great news for Bauer users since Harbor Freight is adding more power hungry tools such as the 20v chainsaw, reciprocating saw, and leaf blower to the battery system. We don’t know what size cells it’s using but I’m hoping the 8.0ah is using 21700 cells, which are capable of higher power output, longer runtimes, and better heat management, which makes them great for higher consumption tools. Further down the flyer, we see that Bauer has corded 6” dual action random orbit polisher, as well as a variable speed corded oscillating multi tool. And at the very bottom is perhaps the most exciting news of all, which is that Bauer officially has brushless tools in the works! This is great news as brushless motors deliver longer runtimes, more power, and longer life than their brushed equivalents. As long as Harbor Freight can keep the prices competitive, these new tools and batteries should be great additions to the Bauer platform. Unfortunately that’s all the info I can get at the time of writing, since none of these new tools on the flyer have item numbers, so I can’t even have them look up anything in the store computers. But rest assured, Tool Craze will bring you the latest news of the Bauer brushless tools and bigger batteries as soon as more info is available!

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