Harbor Freight Releases Photo Of Many New Bauer Cordless And Corded Tools

As has been very evident lately, Harbor Freight is very quickly expanding their offerings and recently they put up a sign in my local store with a whole bunch of Bauer corded and cordless tools. While the release dates for most of the new tools in the picture haven’t been released yet, the 20v HyperMax random orbit sander and 20v HyperMax ⅜” drive impact wrench showed up in this month’s (April 2019) coupon flyer.

My thoughts: With as many tools as are in this picture, it’s clear that Harbor Freight is truly aiming to be competitive with the likes of Craftsman, Porter Cable, and even Ryobi to some extent. The long list of cordless tools are all included in the Bauer 20v HyperMax line and they even have some new outdoor tools!

The outdoor tools include a 10” chainsaw, blower, and a hedge trimmer all of them 20V cordless. The main thing that I see missing is a string trimmer, but there may be one coming still. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for the power tools, let’s start with the exciting stuff and that’s the 20v cordless tools. First up we see a new compact handheld worklight, a folding small area light, a handheld spotlight, and a large area light. In the plumbing sector I can see a 20v drain snake, and a 20v transfer pump. For inflation, I see what looks like a high pressure tire inflator, as well as what looks like a low pressure inflator for pumping up air mattresses and such. Other low pressure inflators on the market offer high pressure as well, so there’s a good chance this one does too, but don’t quote me on it. In addition to the 2 inflators, there’s a small fan (which I can only assume is cordless), a cordless shop blower, and a handheld vacuum. The other new cordless tools include a USB power source, detail sander, and a small radio.

Also hidden in the back right is a 4v screwdriver, which should be great around the house.

On the corded side, I can see a new polisher, reciprocating saw, ⅓ sheet sander, and a compact hammer drill.

While these new tools are great, I just wanna see that 20v reciprocating saw in stores soon, as there’s certainly been lots of demand since it was announced over a year ago. Also keep in mind, no release dates or specs have been released at the time of writing (April 2019).

Full list of new tools in the picture:

  • 4v cordless screwdriver
  • 10” 20v chainsaw
  • 20v leaf blower
  • 20v hedge trimmer
  • 20v reciprocating saw
  • 20v 5” random orbit sander
  • 20v ⅜” impact wrench
  • 20v large area light
  • 20v small folding area light
  • 20v small handheld spotlight
  • 20v compact area light
  • 20v drain snake
  • 20v transfer pump
  • 20v high pressure inflator
  • 20v low pressure inflator
  • 20v handheld vacuum
  • 20v shop blower
  • 20v shop fan
  • 20v USB power source
  • 20v detail sander
  • 20v radio

New corded tools:

  • Polisher
  • Reciprocating saw
  • ⅓ sheet sander
  • Compact hammer drill

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I saw the rotary hammer & concrete breaker in the stores about 6 weeks ago, I wonder how the performance is………I own a DW spline drive rotary but bits are not easy to find (HD/Lowe’s/etc) and are expensive, I wonder if Harbor is comparing these tools to DW or Hilti ;)……..thanks for the heads up.


I never tried their rotary hammers or breakers but the price has always been low enough where it makes sense to get one for that one time job and better than renting since you get to keep it for another time. I know their sds bits hold up well for the price points but don’t know if they have any spline drive bits. When I wan’t low priced accessories I check amazon https://amzn.to/2Ipi4SG Last year I needed a specific size diamond hole saw to cut mosiac tile for the shower floor drain and it was a one time use so… Read more »


I forgot about Amazon, thanks for the recommendation!

The real LIL john

This is great news.I have long wished for The USB power source and others ha. Bauer tools look good feel good and work. The tech(leds lights/battery indicator) is great. I don’t need my power tools hooked up to WiFi or Bluetooth or for that matter “turn on the stereo and tv at the same time while I’m in the hot tub”.


Does anyone else see alot of TTI (Ryobi, Ridgid) styling in some of these new Bauer cordless tools?


Doesn’t surprise me since they are going for similar markets. I also see some resemblance to craftsman, porter cable, black n decker to name a few


Would SBD be crazy enough to make some of these tools for HF? The cordless (drills/impacts) are compared DW.


I doubt it. They chose some other manufacturer to make some of the first Bauer 20v tools so I’m sure they’re using them for the rest of these https://toolcraze.net/new-bauer-20v-tools-will-probably-look-like/


I’d like to see them come out with a cordless shop vac. Would like to see one better priced than what’s available from other manufactures.

Chris Rodites

I saw on a box in harbor freight about a 20v shop vac. I have been waiting for that to come out myself.

Todd Piascik

Just got my HF catalog in the mail a 1/2 hour ago and see the Bauer cordless Bluetooth radio and I’ve been considering a new jobsite radio for a while. Wanted to see specs and reviews but little pops up on a google search. ZERO SEARCH RESULTS ON HARBOR FREIGHT OWN WEBSITE! Like the product doesn’t even exist… c’mon HF what gives, huh?


They like to tease us with new products and not disclose launch dates. It took HF almost two years for them to release their other new Hercules 20V baretools after they were teased in 2017. One can only speculate how long it will take them to release these new Bauer 20V tools.
EDIT: I just took a look on the website and several shown in the picture are already on the website so it appears they are working fast to get these Bauer tools out.


When will they all be released? I really would like the 20v USB power source.


I really enjoy my Bauer tools and batteries but when i see that this is already available for hercules and Bauer still hasn’t released theirs. I NEED THIS TOOL


Looks like the string trimmer in 20v cordless is now available

Chris Rodites

I have the string trimmer. It works well.

Tanner Leatherwood

Hey I’ve currently been stock piling these bad boys up and so far own approx about 60% of the Bauer collection and plan to keep going to get a full fleet of tools. I run a construction / remodel business and these tools pass even my expectations. I do recommend buying the larger batteries though. I had the Bauer 1/2 impact driver with smaller battery and done a sheet metal roof and batteries died fairly quick, so we finished that job and went onto the next job but before e started I purchased the larger batteries and to my shock… Read more »


I have 3/8 impact, hammer drill, usb charger, string trimmer, sawzall, radio, blower, vacuum, multi tool, staple gun, etc… and like 30 batteries. I’ve had most of my tools since 2020. This brand is something different but definitely getting better and better especially now that they’re having some brushless products . Keep it up.