Ridgid R86011 1/2” 18v Octane Brushless Impact Wrench

Ridgid R86011 1/2” 18v Brushless Impact Wrench has been out for a while now, but it’s getting a boost in power and is being rebranded as part of the Ridgid Octane line of tools and batteries. The model number, size, and shape appear to be the same, but now it’s got higher specs and the Octane branding.

My thoughts: With the performance and value of Ridgid’s Octane line, it’s not surprising to me to see more and more of their tools upgraded to Octane, and this impact is no different. I actually asked Ridgid about this impact wrench and they told me that it has had the Octane technology in it for a while, but the batteries had not yet launched and so they didn’t brand it as such. With the rebranding to Octane, they also gave it a slight boost in forward torque and also finally published nut busting torque numbers. All the features stay the same such as the brushless motor, 4 mode selector, 3 LED lights around the anvil, and the grip light trigger. For torque specs they bumped it up from 450 ft lbs to 485 ft lbs, and the nut busting torque, which was never published before the rebranding, is at 620 ft lbs. Overall I’m glad to see the small boost in power and rebranding to the Octane line.

Features and Specifications:

  • Brushless Motor Technology delivers up to 50% more runtime, more power, and longer motor life
  • 4-mode settings provide adjustable power and speed for the most demanding jobs and precision work
  • Tri-beam LED around the front housing helps to eliminate shadows
  • Grip light trigger turns on the lights by picking up the tool
  • Auto mode setting automatically shuts the tool down when it begins to impact to prevent overtightening
  • Die-cast gearbox for increased durability and professional quality
  • 1/2 in. friction ring anvil is compatible with popular impact-rated sockets
  • Maximum forward torque: 485 ft lbs
  • Maximum reverse torque: 620 ft lbs
  • Voltage: 18v DC
  • Maximum speed: 2,600 RPM
  • Max IPM: 3,500 IPM
  • Price at the time of writing: $159.00
  • Warranty: 3 years and lifetime service agreement with registration

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To be clear, it sounds like you are saying the tool isn’t changing, but they are just going to start calling it an Octane tool, right? Because it’s release preceded the batteries and therefore, couldnt be used as a full Octane combination? No new model number, no actual changes inside. Phew, sounds like I don’t need to run out and buy a new impact wrench.




Anotherguest, here on Tool Craze we don’t do April Fools jokes


Ecotek, no, it is changing. Same name but it does get a few upgrades pertaining to octane branding & compatibility and improved performance according to Ridgid. The article lists all upgrades.
Whether it’s worth it for current owners to go out and upgrade is up to them. I probably wouldn’t for such a small improvement but for new buyers it is nice.

Josh The Tooldude

Couldn’t have said it better myself!


I guess I’ll have to take your word for it, but if you search “Ridgid Octane Brushless Impact Wrench” on HomeDepot.com, it is using the same model number as my Brushless and has all the same reviews dating back to 2017. It’s as if they changed the title and description. I think I’m keeping my old one.

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