Ryobi 18v Hybrid Soldering Station P3100 Spotted

So when Milwaukee came out with their M12 cordless soldering iron, it was only a matter of time until another brand followed with one of their own. As I said in my article about the Ryobi 18v lopper, Ryobi is known for innovation. While they aren’t the first brand to offer a cordless soldering option, they took a slightly different direction and made their version an 18v Hybrid Soldering Station P3100 , and to take it a step further, they made it a hybrid unit. Being a hybrid means this unit will work on any of the Ryobi 1+ 18v batteries and also can be plugged into the grid for unlimited runtime and use in a shop or garage where there’s no need for the cordless option.

A big thanks goes out to DrewBHAM who wrote in about it and also provided some additional info on what tips this unit uses. In response to a question about what tips it uses, the Ryobi powertool team responded saying that this unit is compatible with the Milwaukee M12 soldering iron tips. This is great news for anyone who might be needing different types of tips as there’s a couple to choose from for the M12 unit.

My thoughts: Priced at $59.97, this is in the middle/higher price end for a soldering station but keep in mind with that you also get the flexibility to go anywhere as long as you have a Ryobi 1+ battery. With variable heat output from 300 degrees F to 900 degrees F via a temperature dial, onboard iron storage and hybrid capability, this unit looks like a great option for any user looking for a versatile soldering option.

Features and specifications:

  • Up to 900°F
  • Hybrid technology provides unlimited runtime
  • 3 ft. reach for a variety of applications
  • Onboard tip storage
  • Iron holder for safe and convenient storage
  • LED indicator lets you know when the tip is hot
  • Temperature control allows you to set and maintain desired temperature
  • Includes a fine point tip, solder coil and a tip cleaning sponge
  • Works with all ONE+ batteries
  • Product height: 4”
  • Product length: 9”
  • Product width: 4”
  • Price at home depot at the time of writing: $59.97

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This is another interesting release from Ryobi. I think compared to the Milwaukee M12 soldering iron,that this layout is a little less suitable for my needs but would suit many others better as its better suited for bench work. You get the best of both worlds, unlimited runtime on mains plus being portable.


this design is 100% corded, why cordless?!

Josh The Tooldude

part of it is to be competitive with Milwaukee, but also cordless allows users to make long lasting electrical connections where there’s no power or it would be a hassle to use power. this unit gives the best of both worlds.


This is better than the M12 by a long shot, in my opinion. Curious why tti released this under their lower tier brand, while Milwaukee got the less impressive giant pencil iron. Great innovation none the less, though as this is much more practical and fully featured.

Josh The Tooldude

Different applications for both, but given the choice I’d go with the added versatility of the Ryobi.


Disagree, the Milwaukee is what I’d want in a portable/cordless and the Ryobi, really doesn’t have any purpose compared to it except to give something to people invested in Ryobi chargers and batteries. You might as well forget it’s a station because it pales in comparison to many major brand stations. There was a comment in the article that quote “Priced at $59.97, this is in the middle/higher price end for a soldering station” but that is not true. A basic mid grade, major brand soldering station runs about $90, from say Hakko or Weller. Forget the Chinese junk on… Read more »


The soldering station seems to be available to buy on Home Depot now. A strange thing is that the price is now shown at $79.97.



This is a waste of money for my needs. If you’re a pro doing enough joints that you need it to stay at a set temperature, you’re just guessing with a dial only marked with max and minimum temperature. At the very least for the current price point of $80 on HD’s site it should have an LED indicator display, and a calibration adjustment knob. Well maybe it has that knob, I have not looked at the parts diagram yet, if they even have it up on Ryobi’s site yet. Regardless I do a lot of soldering and own several… Read more »

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