2 New Milwaukee M18 High Output Batteries Compact 3.0 ah and XC 8.0 ah Coming Soon

  • By Javier
  • February 5, 2019
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I just got word from Milwaukee letting us know that the European Milwaukee team are having their version of NPS this week in which they announce all sorts of new tools. Many of them being the ones showcased at the USA NPS 2018 even however there are some new items shown as well including two new batteries. Both new batteries are the M18 HD High Output variety in a compact 3.0 ah (CP3.o battery pack) and an XC 8.0 ah (XC8.0 battery pack).

Both of these being HD High Output batteries means they use the latest 21700 cells for improved battery performance (heat, runtime, output) however are a bit larger than typical compact and XC batteries due to the larger cells inside. What’s interesting about the CP3.0 is that it’s a compact 5 cell single row battery. It should be roughly about the size of current compact 2.0’s but a little longer and slightly taller. The XC High Output 8.0ah is fantastic because it gives us almost the same amount of runtime capacity as the original 9.0 but is only 10 cells instead of the 9.0’s 15. So it should be more compact than the original 9.0. It looks to be about the same exact size as the current HD High Output 6.0 on the market which is a bit larger than XC 5.0 battery packs.

I’m stocked about the new 8.0 because just like the 12.0ah battery, it represents the largest capacity for it’s cell count as of today. I’m not so crazy about the new 3.0ah battery because compact 3.0ah batteries are old news, it just so happens that Milwaukee is late to the party and this is their first compact battery with a capacity over 2.0 ah. I can’t say I’m impressed since they could have used the same exact cells found in the new 8.0ah battery to make it a 4.0ah battery just like Bosch. But the good news is that it’s using the newer 21700 cells and it’s got the High Output brand naming so it should be able to provide the best performance on M18 cordless tools that require HD High Output batteries to perform their best.

Since these are being debuted in Europe at the moment, Milwaukee USA hasn’t given me any USA release timeframes or pricing. All they’ve said regarding the launch of the new batteries is this: “coming soon”.

•    Fits all M18™ tools
•    50% more power & runs 50% cooler*
•    XC Power, Compact Size
•    50% more run-time vs. CP2.0
* vs. M18™ REDLITHIUM™ CP Batteries

•    Fits all M18™ tools
•    50% more power & runs 50% cooler*
•    60% more run-time vs. XC5.0
*vs. M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC Batteries

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