3 New Hitachi 18V Brushless Finish Nailers – 18ga 16ga 15ga

As you know cordless nailers are in full swing and the move from gas cartridge to full battery power is the future. Hitachi announced 3 New Hitachi 18V Brushless Finish Nailers on their YouTube channel.

We already know Hitachi knows their stuff when it comes to nail guns, especially when it comes to pneumatics and the transition to cordless is only natural. The 3 new cordless nailers have the basics covered with an 18ga brad nailer, 16ga straight finish nailer, and a 15ga angled finish nailer.

The new nailers are part of Hitachi’s 18V lithium ion slide pack battery line. Hitachi actually runs two 18V lines at the same time, both using lithium ion batteries. The only difference between the two lines is one uses pod style batteries where part of the battery goes up the handle grip, while the other line uses a flatter slide pack battery that slides onto the bottom of the handle. What’s good about this choice is that the slide pack battery line has all the perks as it has the high capacity batteries plus the new compact 3.0ah slide pack batteries. The compact 18V 3.0 battery makes a great choice for a cordless nailer to keep weight down while giving users long runtimes.

The good news is that these new nailers are powered by brushless motors which will yield greater runtime than brushed motor nailers. You will be able to get up to 1,600 nails per charge on the 18ga, up to 1,500 nails per charge on the 16ga, and up to 1,100 nails per charge on the 15ga.

The 3 New Hitachi 18V Brushless Finish Nailers – 18ga 16ga 15ga also feature a control panel which appears to give you a battery status gauge, an on/off power button, and a single fire or bump fire model toggle switch. Standard features also include a tool free depth of drive, sequential and bump fire modes, and an integrated belt hook.

Did you know? These new nailers aren’t Hitachi’s first cordless battery only powered nail guns as Hitachi already has 14.4V and 18V versions of pin nailers and even a cordless stapler.

Going back to the 3 New Hitachi 18V Brushless Finish Nailers mentioned in this article, so far the only tid bit of info we have is the short YouTube video. Hopefully complete specs will be revealed soon from Hitachi.

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