3 New Milwaukee PACKOUT Additions: A Tech Bag, Backpack, and Cooler!

Milwaukee’s popular PACKOUT modular storage system just got even bigger with the addition of a PACKOUT Tech Bag, Backpack, and Cooler! All of which stacks and connects to any of Milwaukee Packout storage solutions.

Full Press Release Below:

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to revolutionize tool transportation, organization, and storage for the trades with the addition of three new solutions to its widely popular PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System*. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the new PACKOUT™ Tech Bag, Backpack, and Cooler can be easily stacked and locked on top of any of the boxes and organizers currently on the PACKOUT™ System, providing users with an even broader range of storage solutions to suit their needs.


Constructed of tear-resistant 1680D Ballistic Material, the PACKOUT™ Tech Bag provides a convenient and protected location for users to store their mobile devices, as well as other tools and equipment. Its impact-resistant polymer base protects contents from water and abrasion, and acts as a stable base when the bag is unattached to the other PACKOUT™ components. Optimized to provide storage capacity for a wide array of items, the bag features 58 pockets including a protected interior tech storage pocket and a dedicated HARDSHELL protected instrument pocket for tools such as electrical meters. Its padded shoulder strap provides ultimate comfort for users when transported separately from the PACKOUT™ System.

PACKOUT™ Backpack

Like the Tech Bag, the PACKOUT™ Backpack is built with tear-resistant 1680D Ballistic Material and an impact-resistant base which easily locks into the PACKOUT™ System. The backpack is equipped with 48 pockets to meet an array of tool and accessory storage needs. A HARDSHELL electronics and equipment pocket provides protection for tablets and other personal items. The backpack also comes with a load-bearing harness that has 2X more padding, as well as sternum straps that help evenly distribute weight for ultimate comfort when the backpack is transported separately from the PACKOUT™ System.


Sized to accommodate ice, frozen water bottles, and/or cooling packs, the PACKOUT™ Cooler features a leak-proof liner and 2X the insulation of other coolers on the market to keep these items cold for 24 hours – ensuring users that their drinks and food will remain cool throughout the day. Like the tech bag, the cooler is constructed with all-metal hardware and an impact-resistant base that easily locks into place on the PACKOUT™ System. The cooler is designed with multiple pockets to hold personal items and medical supplies, separate from the main compartment, including a tech pocket on the front that is ideal for tablets, cell phones, timesheets, and more. Within the cooler, a dry storage compartment (or sandwich pocket) provides an ideal location for food that needs to remain cool yet dry.

With the addition of the new PACKOUT™ Tech Bag, Backpack, and Cooler, the Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System now has 16 different pieces for users to choose from to build out their custom storage solution – making PACKOUT™ the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

*The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System is the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry. An intuitive and quick attachment mechanism gives users the freedom to stack and lock PACKOUT™ tool boxes, organizers, totes, and bags of different sizes in numerous configurations that best suit their needs. For more information visit https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Storage-Solutions/PACKOUT.

PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

Tool Boxes      

PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box                                       48-22-8426

PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box                                         48-22-8425

PACKOUT™ Tool Box                                                  48-22-8424

Tool Case

PACKOUT™ Tool Case w/ Customizable Foam Insert     48-22-8450


PACKOUT™ Organizer                                                48-22-8431

PACKOUT™ Compact Organizer                                  48-22-8435

PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Organizer                               48-22-8431

PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer                  48-22-8436

Storage Totes

PACKOUT™ 20” Tote                                                    48-22-8320

PACKOUT™ 15” Tote                                                    48-22-8315

PACKOUT™ 10” Tote                                                    48-22-8310

Tool Bags

PACKOUT™ 15” Tool Bag                                              48-22-8321

PACKOUT™ 20” Tool Bag                                              48-22-8322

PACKOUT™ Tech Bag                                                   48-22-8300 – NEW!


PACKOUT™ Backpack                                                  48-22-8301 – NEW!


PACKOUT™ Cooler                                                       48-22-8302 – NEW!

Foam Inserts

Customizable Foam Insert (Fits 8424, 8425, 8450)        48-22-8451

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They made the same error with this cooler as they did with the current one. The front pocket zip needs to be a two way/double zip. I find the single zip on mine to be somewhat annoying. as unless you make sure the zip is fully closed, the contents of the pocket can potentially fall out. Also a two way zip makes it a little quicker to drop something in the pocket. That nitpick aside it s an excellent cooler. Well made with thick insulation.