AEG BST18BLX 18v Brushless Jigsaw Spotted

AEG has come out with a new brushless 18v jigsaw, the BST18BLX. I’m sure users across the pond will be happy to see this new model, since just like Ridgid, AEG hasn’t updated their 18v jigsaw for quite a few years. The new model sports some new features, and better specs than the older model, bringing it up to par with the top competitors of today.

My thoughts: Just like Ridgid’s new Octane jigsaw, this new saw from AEG should be a major improvement from the previous model, which is several years old and far behind the current market leaders. One feature I noticed that this saw has, that the Ridgid Octane doesn’t have, is a switchable dust collection feature. This should give users more flexibility while still keeping the dust down. Other than that, the feature set is the same as the Ridgid model. With 3,500 strokes per minute, a lock on button for extended use, a 1” stroke length, and a 45° bevel capacity, this saw is looking like an excellent competitor with the other top brands.

Features Specifications:

  • Powerful brushless 18V Motor with 3.500spm
  • Lock on button for usage like a body grip jigsaw
  • Patented FIXTEC system for fast keyless blade change and bevel adjustment with snap-in at 0 and 45
  • Electronic with variable speed with 5 positions, soft start and constant speed under load
  • Adjustable chipping blower to the front and rear
  • Features AEG Pro Lithium-Ion battery technology with overload protection for maximum durability of battery and tool
  • Softwood cutting capacity: 135mm (5.31”)
  • Hardwood cutting capacity: 135mm (5.31”)
  • Voltage: 18v DC
  • Price at the time of writing: €250.00

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I must be one of the few people left that has never found the need for a brushless jigsaw. The main issue with cordless jigsaws has been a lack of a dust blower. Out of the 4 cordless jigsawsI have owned, The M12 was by far the worst. The lack of a blower basically meant it was useless unless you were outside in a breeze. Sold it after a few uses. Plus it was so poorly balanced, all it did was hop around all over the place rather than cut where you were aiming. It did however have reasonable cutting… Read more »


Yeah the M12 jigsaw literally left me out of breath everytime I used it because I was forced to be the dust blower.

Josh The Tooldude



Haha, yes, I have done that as well.

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