New Hikoki 36V 305mm 12″ Brushless Compound Mitre Saw C3612DRA

Joshua B. has spotted a new cordless tool from Hikoki, the 36V 305mm 12″ brushless compound mitre saw model C3612DRA. Let’s check it out below.

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Hikoki 36V 305mm 12″ Brushless Compound Mitre Saw C3612DRA – Features

Hikoki 36V 305mm 12" Brushless Compound Mitre Saw C3612DRA

The well known Hitachi brand of power tools changed their names to Metabo HPT in the USA and to Hikoki for the rest of the world. So here we have a Hikoki branded 36V cordless power tool and it’s a large one. It’s the Hikoki 36V 305mm 12″ brushless compound mitre saw C3612DRA that was spotted in the Aussie Hikoki page. And yes they spell miter as mitre – so no, it’s not a typo.

Hikoki 36V 305mm 12" Brushless Compound Mitre Saw C3612DRA

This is their largest cordless miter saw yet with a 305mm (12 inches) blade and it’s powered by a single Multivolt 36V battery. Besides being a large 12 inch (305mm) model, it’s also a sliding miter saw. It appears as though it uses a rail-less design similar to how Bosch miter saws work, however we can see a small snippet of a rail in the first image. And though not mentioned in the Hikoki page, this is a double bevel miter saw.

Hikoki states that this has brushless motor with “advanced motor technology” known as “Torque Boost Technology”. The Hikoki Japan translated page states that this is the first in the industry to have this tech and describes this tech as follows: (As translated by Google Chrome)

Electronic motor winding switching (patent pending) automatically switches the performance of a high-speed motor and a high-torque motor in one motor. This makes it possible to achieve both high-speed cutting for light-load work and durable and powerful cutting for heavy-load work.

This sounds a lot like what many other brands are already doing with certain cordless power tools. For instance Makita has what they call “Automatic Speed Change” that adjust speed and torque to match the application. And as far as I know, they’ve been doing that since as far back as 2014 and maybe even earlier.

Features Continued

This miter saw features the latest in cut-line tech with the LED shadow light system. Dewalt pioneered this system and since it became a hit, other brands have been following suit. This system uses two LED lights on the sides of the blade to cast a shadow over the cut line. It’s far more precise than lasers and for the most part doesn’t need calibration.

Hikoki 36V 305mm 12" Brushless Compound Mitre Saw C3612DRA

I also like that they used a cam lock to lock miter angles in place as seen above. I see two levers which I assume the one on the left is to open to move between miter angle detents and the lever on the right to lock the angle in place.

We can also so that the build quality is excellent with a sturdy metal frame and base and it weighs in at a solid 25.20 kg or 55.55 lbs.


The Aussie Hikoki page states that this will be available in February 2024. However what we all want to know is if and when this will make its way to the USA as a Metabo HPT branded power tool?

  • Harnessing advanced motor technology known as TORQUE BOOST TECHNOLOGY™, this saw achieves both speed and precision in cutting, even under heavy loads.
  • Achieve precise cuts with the freedom to adjust the blade to the cut line using the LED Shadow light.
  • Simplify your workflow with the convenience of a one-touch mitre lock for quick and efficient adjustments.
  • Benefit from enhanced durability and accuracy with the metal adjustable scale.
  • Easily access bevel and mitre locks from the front, making it exceptionally well-suited for narrow jobsites.

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  • Willie says:

    Given the innovative features of the Hikoki 36V 305mm 12″ brushless compound mitre saw, especially the ‘Torque Boost Technology’ and LED shadow light system, how does it compare in performance and accuracy to other leading brands in the market? I’m particularly interested in its effectiveness in heavy-load work and its precision in complex cuts

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