AMZL US – Amazon ships products using their own Shipping Carrier – AMZL_US

I’ve noticed for some time that Amazon has been shipping via a new carrier labeled as AMZL US or AMZL_US .

At first I was a bit puzzled as to who this new shipping carrier was because it wasn’t the usual USPS, UPS, Fedex, or On Trac that’s been used in the past. I noticed Amazon has been using this new shipping carrier in December 2016 although I don’t know exactly how long they’ve been using the new carrier as I usually don’t check to see who’s shipping my Amazon package. All I care about is when it’s coming and status updates through tracking. As I noticed that they used a new shipping company, it is beneficial for every goods delivery truck to have the right insurance, such as 7.5 tonne Lorry Insurance to make sure they are covered for whatever may happen. If you have ordered multiple items for your house and are wanting to get rid of a number of items that take up a lot of space, why not look into something like a large item delivery service who can do just this- deliver your items safely and easily.

So I did a little research and it turns out AMZL US or also known as AMZL_US is Amazon’s own shipping service called Amazon Logistics. I’ve always known Amazon has been a big player in the online retail market but the fact that they now have their own shipping service must mean that they’re a huge player and they’re beginning to start to process to internally-source a major expense to the company, the 4×6 shipping labels that go on all packages that leaving the Amazon warehouses. Some may like the fact that they have their own shipping carrier and some may not but this seems like a good business move as they can reduce some of the expense of shipping if they ship products themselves. This practically cut’s out the independent shipping service in favor for an in-house shipping service.

To learn more about Amazon Logistics shipping service click here

Should other carriers be worried? Maybe yes, maybe not. If Amazon is shipping items themselves, it means less business for other carriers, but looking at my order history Amazon is still using other carriers in conjunction with their own shipping service. Although out of the last 5 orders in January 2017, four of those orders were shipped through AMZL US and the other was shipped by UPS with the UPS order being the first order and AMZL US being used since. So it seems that Amazon my be putting priority on their own service.

Should we the consumers be worried? When I first learned my package was being shipped through AMZL_US, I will admit I was a bit worried as I had no prior experience with this shipping carrier. I looked online and found a few forums with people that discussed their experiences with the service and the majority of the commenters had negative experiences with the service. There were a few that had positive experiences and mentioned that most people that comment on services are the ones with negative experiences. If someone has a good experience with a service, they are satisfied and move on with less chance of them going through the work and hassle of finding an appropriate forum and discuss their experience on a particular service.

Going back to my experience with Amazon Logistics, although I wasn’t aware until December 2016 that AMZL US was shipping my Amazon package, I looked back at previous orders and it turns out that they had already delivered several of my packages before then. And so far I’ve never had any problems with Amazon packages being delivered whether they’ve been shipped by Amazon Logistics or the usual carriers. I’ve had the few rare packages that came a day late but as a whole they’ve all been delivered.

Concentrating on Amazon Logistics performance of my last 4 packages, it’s been service as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. They ding dong ditch – they ring the doorbell or knock, place the package near the door and walk away, then quickly drive off to their next location. If there was any complaint, it’s that they don’t wait for you to reach the door before they walk back to their truck. But other shipping carriers do the same, so again nothing out of the ordinary.

The Amazon Logistics vehicle of choice is a white Ford Transit 250. So if you spot one in your neighborhood, it’s probably an Amazon Logistics van. Some of the vans have the signature Amazon smile logo although not all of them. I’ve only spotted an Amazon van with a smile logo once, while the rest are plain white.

So if you order from Amazon and you notice that it’s being shipped by AMZL US, don’t freak out because so far I haven’t had any problems with them. In my experience they operate the same as other carriers. Of course with any carrier, with any service, there’s bound to be negative experiences and there’s bound to be positive experiences. I hope my positive experience serves as peace of mind for those unfamiliar with the Amazon Logistics shipping carrier.

UPDATE 6/7/2017

I still haven’t had any horrific experiences as of yet. Here in my household we still order lots of stuff from Amazon – we have an Amazon Prime account and love the 2 day shipping. I have noticed a few extra things since I wrote this article back in February. First of all Amazon’s own shipping service uses a handful of delivery vehicles. I’ve seen them drive up in Enterprise Rental Trucks, I’ve seen them use their own delivery vans in vehicles other than the Ford Transit 250, and yes I’ve seen them drive up in ordinary vehicles as others have mentioned.

That reminds me of a package I had delivered back in 2015 or was it 2014? Anyways it was years ago, and I had a package delivered to my residence on a Sunday. I’ve had several deliveries on Sundays before but what was unusual about this delivery back then was that I remember some random car (it was a beat up older vehicle) drive up and park in my driveway. I walked out and confronted the driver and asked him if I could help him, and to my surprise he handed me an Amazon package box. I was shocked back then that this guy was the delivery guy, but as I thanked him for my package I saw his backseat was full of Amazon boxes. So Amazon has been using their own Shipping service for several years by now it seems.

Recently I’ve had my package delivered one time by a young man in an older 2000’s white altima, and on another occasion by a young woman in a mid 90’s Astro Van. So it is true that some Amazon packages are delivered by people using their own vehicles it seems.

So far I still haven’t had any terrible experiences but I did have a scare since I originally wrote this article. I noticed one of my packages was marked as delivered and I didn’t see anything near my door so I freaked out. But then I later checked the mailbox and noticed that they placed the package in my mailbox. It was a padded envelope. I freaked out at first because since I didn’t see it near my door on the floor I assumed they had messed up but it was in fact delivered. So if you guys see that your package is marked as delivered in your tracking notifications but don’t see it outside, it might be in your mailbox.

Last experience was one package that said it was out for delivery didn’t get delivered that day. What happened was that they changed the delivery date last second to the next day and it arrived the next day. It was a bit frustrating but in the end all my packages have been delivered successfully.


Tool Craze is a participant of the Amazon LLC Associates Program however Tool Craze was not paid to write this article. Tool Craze was not influenced by Amazon to write this article either. Javier the Author of this article is a customer to Amazon and Amazon Prime member, and the article is based on his experience with Amazon Logistics shipping service also known as AMZL_US or AMZL US. Tool Craze’s opinions are completely independent.

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This is good to know as my same day package from amazon is shipping today, hopefully we get it before close of business

Saundra Clarke

Shipment due to arrive by 8pm on 11/11 by carrier AMZ US. I received a Text and email that shipment undeliverable. I have been buying from Amazon since 2005 and this is the 1st time I had this problem. First I called Amazon Customer Service which was ridiculous trying to find their # and as a courtesy they gave me a $10.00 gift card for my inconvience but never verified anything , I then saw a # on the text and email I had received for the items not delivered. I called there and they verified my address was correct… Read more »


I just got an email that AMZL US tried to make a delivery today. I’m home and my home office window is right next to my front door. No one tried to deliver anything! This is BS!


This just happened to me. I think the “independent contractor” was just too lazy to drive to my side of town yesterday, so they claimed I requested a different delivery date, even though I definitely did not. I am currently pushing back with Amazon and will expect compensation from them. They told me on the phone last night that my account can somehow be set up to not use that delivery service in the future, so I’m absolutely going to be looking into that.


Please post the outcome of this because one missed delivery with these idiots was enough!! I’d love to be able to block the use of them. I’m expecting a delivery today and I will be hot if I don’t receive it!!

George F

I did call Amazon, and they promised to block this carrier from my account purchases.


Did they explain how? I have been contacting Amazon because of a delivery that AMZL has botched since last week and the customer service representative said he could not select a different carrier for a replacement order


I know this is like 6 months late. I always received my shipments from Amazon. They would always be in front of my apartment door, or in my mailbox. Haven’t moved so still same address. But for the first time I recently did not receive my shipment order. I got many notification on my phone about the tracking shipment. So I stayed home waiting. I don’t like my deliveries laying out there either especially cuz they’re apartments. So I got a notification saying my package was delivered and handed to a resident. I didn’t hear a knock or anything but… Read more »

REALTOR Dustin McIntosh

Just had the same problem. I live in OKC, tracking has it leaving the facility in OKC and sent to Dallas?!?! Then said undeliverable and returning to seller… SMH

Jay Neustel

In my experience, AMZL US not only cuts out the middle man, but it also very often cuts out the customer. On several occassions when Amazon has chosen to use AMZL US to deliver packages to me, the local carrier never even makes and attempt to deliver the packages. They do go to the trouble to change the tracking status to DELIVERED, but that is as often as not an untrue report. Their local service have even reported that they’ve delivered my packages to the mailroom, when in fact I do not have a mailroom. For their part, when I’ve… Read more »


I’ve been having the same problem in Houston. 3 packages never made it to me in the last 3 weeks. A 4th item (portable A/C unit) arrived severely banged up and laying on its side when the box clearly shows which way was supposed to be up. Last month, the carrier refused to pull into our parking lot and insisted on walking several blocks, back and forth several times, to deliver each package. One trip per package!?! They also deliver packages to the wrong suite numbers. The suite numbers are clearly marked on the front doors of each business in… Read more »


Same problem here. Has happened the past 4 orders. Amazon continues to use this “service”. I bet the drivers are stealing the packages and marking them as delivered. Horrible service.


The drivers ARE doing exactly this. There was a news story today about a contracted Amazon delivery driver arrested due to stealing packages. Stacks of packages found in his apartment that never made it.
First experience with AMZL today & My tracking stated “delivered today at 4:51”. That was not true, nothing arrived 🙁


to be fair in my town a ups driver stole dozen guns headed to licensed dealers. usps has had mail carriers arrested. thieves can be in any job . and a few missed can be gps errors same with google maps and yes the contract courier services have no training and often the co pay way too low to keep good personal


My package was also “left in the mailroom,” however, there is no mailroom/office center in my neighborhood. I don’t know where my package is.


I also had a package delivered listed as “left in the mailroom.” I found my package in my mailbox after checking around the outside of my house.


My package is two days late. I just got the following message “Possible delay in delivery due to arrival at incorrect carrier facility” Sigh. Something I needed…
Los Angeles, US

Richie Tee

If you have problems, just report it — I hear that Amazon is very quick to fire drivers that aren’t up to standard. They have a long waiting list of new drivers waiting to replace them!

Ben Boutwell

I am having the same problem. This new service is bad and Amazon may lose my business!

John C Taylor

I just chatted with Amazon and had them block AMZL US as a shipper on my account

Mae E Swanbeck

I have even seen the delivery where it was stated the package was handed to the owner. Never happened. It was left at the mailbox and one of my neighbors brought it to me. what other fiction is written by the delivery folks.


So far I like it better than the local post office here in Philly. USPS likes to leave packages in my recycling bin INSIDE my recyling bin with other boxes – fortunately I always cought them before putting out recycling but one of these days I may not. AMZL US hasn;t done this yet – sure they don’t ring my bell but they always leave it behind my screen door or an out of sight spot on my porch not in my recycling bin.


AMZL_US Is a joke! I have had dozens of packages delivered to a mailroom that UPS, FedEx, and USPS never had problems with. These jokers could seem to figure out when the place is open…for the last 3x they tried to deliver it! If only the hours where posted in plain sight, oh wait they are! What a pathetic roll out of a service. I hope they hold the person responsible for this mess accountable – I intent to. I’m not ordering another thing from them until I buy $645.50 (10x the price of my order) from other online retailers… Read more »


Had a package “delivered” by AMZL US yesterday. It wasn’t delivered. Called Amazon customer service to report this and they replied that I had signed for it – nope, as I was not even home when I received the notification my package had been delivered! So the guy tried to find the delivery guy but then tells me that “apparently they are not allowed to cell phones” while they’re delivering. What kind of crap is that? So I’m waiting for a call back today about the resolution of this since it was over $100 that was being delivered to me.… Read more »


Thanks for the update in amazon shipping. Will be a first for me. Will give a review after receiving my package due today.

carol sayres

I am very upset. I live in a senior apartment building that does not lock doors until 5pm during the week. Instead of even trying to open the front door and coming in at 130 pm, he tried my apt number to have me open the door for him. I was several miles away driving a car and did not answer the phone. When i got home i had a message on my phone that carrier sytempted to deliver my package but could not gain access to a secured building. I was instructed to contact the carrier but i have… Read more »


Something the article failed to mention is that you have to be logged into Amazon to track your package. This may not bother people, but when compared to USPS, UPS, FedEx, and ONTRAC… Amazon is the only one that forces you to have to login to view your tracking information. All the others can be linked to via a bookmark for quick and effortless checking of the package tracking information. To be clear, the drawback with having to login first is that it is a few more steps with a few more page loads when compared to a single click… Read more »


this article is laughable – should the big carriers be worried!? Why, the pony express was FAR FAR faster and more accurate than this joke of a shipper. Its the worst of the worst in online shopping


I am experiencing my third “unexplained delay” on an order being shipped by AMZL! I am not happy! This package originated in Kenosha, Wi (25 mile North of My home). it was shipped to a facility in Kenosha??/ The, it was shipped to Rockford, IL (60 Miles West of my home)??? and this morning it is in my town (one day late) and as of yet NOT OUT FOR DELIVERY! Yestreday I received a package delivered by a person dressed in “casual attire” driving a beat up Nissan that appear3ed to be several years past retirement age. This does not… Read more »


AMZL delivery service is no different than your pizza delivery guy. They are not professionals like UPS, FedEx, etc. You order same day delivery, you get it delivered by the pizza guy. I for one have never had any issues with their same day delivery service to my apartment.


AWSOME idea. They really do appear to be using off duty pizza delivery guys, so why not make it an option? Request AMZL delivery and the “frequently purchased together” section could have large pepperoni pizza. Think about it. 1)It’s the pizza guy driving an AMC Pacer anyway, 2)he can’t get the pizza in your mailbox, 3)he might want to keep your package but he can only eat so many pizzas a day, and most importantly… 4)he will at least try to deliver the package because he will be looking for a tip. This could rally work!


I’ve been happy with Amazon services so far, but this is the first time I noted the AMZL_US shipping for my delivery. The only reason why I notice this time, is because my package is late, and unfortunately it’s an item I do need ASAP. I appreciate your blog of providing information on Amazon’s new delivery option. Thank you.


In some location, that is mine, never will be function well. We have protection 24 hours. But it is very simple when you k now. First: Call the client by phone, second call from the door to any apartment and the door will be open. The experience only will capacitate the delivery man!!!!


Thanks! I think they only deliver in certain areas. This is the first I’ve ever seen it but it’s probably because I’m in a different city right now. Thanks for the info, I kinda wondered what to expect.


What a shame that the first time they said they delivered to my place of business and left it in the mailroom. No one in the mailroom saw anybody and there were no packages left there either. Very disappointed.


Do not order anything from Amazon if it is shipped by AMZL US. I never receive my orders and they will not give you a refund !!!


got news for them they dont deliver and say they did it fraud and theif they have to refund you money if they dont you can bring charges onto them

Connie Blanken

My Amazon orders have been delivered as expected, however, I did notice that the delivery vehicle wasn’t the normal brown truck, LOL. Today it was a black BMW with dark tented windows.


My experience with AMZL has been horrible. In the last month they delayed my orders 4 times and all other orders by other carriers were delivered as promised.


Hmmm. It’s a federal crime for them to place a package in your mailbox. Up to a $5,000 fine for individuals and $10,000 for organizations.

Maaz Kalim

Citation where this says being a “federal statute,” is “equally-enforceable in all of the 50 states” and thus, will make Amazon Logistics® liable to cough-up maximum of 10 grands for a single-customer on any immobile (read permanent) address?

P.S. I’m serious and not even biased, so expecting a precise, polite and sincere response.


The relevant law is Title 18, Section 1725 of the US Code, that prohibits placing any object that lacks sufficient postage (or any postage at all) in a receptacle authorized for mail delivery by the US Postal Service. The law goes on to state that violators may be fined, though it does not specify the amount of the fine — which means judge’s discretion. Technically, doing so is also criminal trespassing, since an authorized receptacle is leased by the owner to the federal government, and access is subject to the rules of the entity leasing the mailbox, just as access… Read more »

Ruth Yeomans

Isn’t illegal for anyone but USPS to put things in your mailbox?

Ruth Yeomans

I see Opps_AMZLUS has answered my question. I really hope drivers and Amazon get caught for putting something in my mailbox, but I guess this would be hard if they “drop and run.” I am expecting a package today……


Who cares if it’s in your mailbox as long as it’s delivered?


The FBI might care since it’s a federal offense.


I’m thinking she does.


Ordered one day delivery yesterday, package never came. Tracking showed they couldn’t gain access to the front door. Security camera review shows no one ever came and there is no security gate to access the front door. Supposed to be delivered today, out for delivery at 852am, so far at 230 no package. I really don’t expect them to deliver it. So I’ll be letting the BBB know. 3rd time I’ve had issues.


7:27 PM
Delivery attempted
Las Vegas, US

Allison Bauer

Tracking #TBA312781001000, said it was delivered. I looked every where no package.


Amazon Logistics hires any Schmuck that can fill out there application. I have been waiting for package for 6 days now. Was originally 2 day shipping.Tracking says delivery today by 8:00. It has said that everyday since it went passed shipping due date. You cannot contact customer service for Amazon or Logistics. It doesn’t exist. Thinking of canceling order. It is not Sellers fault , they have been very helpful. Dazed and confused in Carmichael Ca.


I just got a notice that the package did not fit in the amazon locker. No information to contact and arrange for other shipment. It was supposed to be 1-day delivery. That is the only reason I used amazon for this order. Now what? My package won’t arrive for Father’s Day!


I’ve had “issues” with about 50% of my AMZL deliveries in SoCal. Range from “couldn’t find your house” and “house behind gate” – I live in well marked house in a normal suburban neighborhood, items marked delivered hours before package arrives, sketchy looking delivery person making weird comments about my order, items left halfway up my walkway – about 20 feet from front door.


This delivery service is absolutely horrible. The past 4 orders handled by this “shipping service” went missing. They said it was delivered, yet nothing found. If you go through this service, there is a high probability you won’t get your product. Cross your fingers and hope. Otherwise, be prepared to talk to the non-existent Amazon customer service.


Received a package through Amazon logistics. Can’t lie I was really worried because I usually will contact the usual carriers provide the tracking number and tell them to hold the package there instead of being delivered; but there were no numbers to call or a website to go to, to request this service. To add injury to insult all I got was an email that said package has been shipped and will be delivered at 8 pm. Who delivers that late in the evening? Was my thinking, but the carrier came around 5 pm that evening and was very nice.… Read more »


I don’t like AMZL. Since this company has been delivering my Amazon orders, they have thrown a package on the ground near the garage and on two occasions delivered packages a day or two late always citing some type of carrier delay. Today, I receieved a message stating the package was left in a mail room. It was in the newspaper slot of the mail box which is at the end of a long driveway. Usually packages are delivered to the door. Very unhappy.


Thank you for posting this. I could not find my package anywhere and they did the same thing and stuck it in the newspaper tube below my mailbox.


I just started ordering from Amazon, I am pretty impressed by the speed of service and tracking a package.
Keep up the good work..


My USPS mail man/woman is probably wondering why I am no longer receiving any packages because I used to get one every other day sometimes everyday. In my neighborhood there is a designated area for mail boxes and I have to walk at least 1000 feet to get my mail.
So far no problem with AMZl delivery but I do have to wait for the
delivery because the package is literally exposed, anybody could just pick it up. I am retired so most of the time I can wait for the delivery.


I received notification today that my package was delivered by Amazon Logistics, to my home. It isn’t here. I checked with my property management office, but they don’t have it either. I called customer service and they are willing to replace it, but it is now out of stock and will be a week before it can be reshipped. So much for a timely birthday gift delivery.

Susan Smith

My package was delivered on the 6th of July, but no one at works seems to know where it is. When I called the company I ordered from they didn’t even question me. The guy immediately said he was refunding my money. I was like, but what if the package shows up? He says to call them back and they’ll charge my credit card again. I knew I was in trouble when he didn’t question me not getting my packages. So I researched the delivery company – self-explanatory – Amazon Logistics – SUCKS. It was something I needed for a… Read more »


The drivers are just people driving their own vehicles, they are very rude and refuse to deliver to the 2nd floor of a senior/disabled building that’s if they even bother to ring your bell and don’t just leave it outside the building without any notice.


Personally don’t care for it. In my area, they deliver too late in the day. It’s very hot this summer in So Calif & the packages are very hot after sitting on vehicle most of the day. UPS delivers by 1030am. Have had many issues with who amz uses for shipment but since they’re paying for it, I have no choice. They’ve had to replace more than one item their carrier either lost or hopelessly damaged. Have cut amz purchases way back per month from hundreds to just dollars. Goal is $.00!


First of all it’s impossible to track your package though they give you a tracking number. Second – I pay for prime and so far it’s been 9 days since I placed my order. It still hasn’t arrived. Amazon is still saying it’s in transit. Come on AMZL, get your ‘stuff’ together.


I received notice my package had been “hand delivered to a resident”. However, no one at my home received it. Now, I have no idea what to do.


I’ve had one or two packages delivered in the past by this AMZL.US thing of Amazon. They got here sort of on time, but I hate not to be able to ‘Track’ my shipments right up to the day the packages are actually delivered. I think Amazon, as usual, are screwing around with something that’s not really broke. If there is no way to track your packages, how can you call it tracking? Keep it up Amazon and you’ll loose another customer here!!!


I think this service is a good idea, but I think that they should have a time set up.I would like to have my package in my hand not left at the door. So if there could be a way to set a time drop off that would be great.

Christopher Lloyd

I’ve had delivery problems ONLY with AMZL US. Again today, a promised delivery ” by the end of the day” has now moved to ” next 2 to 5 days. Let us know if it’s not delivered by Saturday)

I shudder when I see AMZL US is the carrier.


410 Terry Ave N Inc. 410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109. Phone Number: (206) 266-1000 August 3, 2017 Delivery Issues, I ordered a Cat travel container and moving blankets on Tuesday night paid extra to get moving blankets the next day. I get an email that there was a delay Wednesday. I immediately called and made them aware I need this I am moving out of state within two days. Then it was expedited to be delivered Wednesday night by 8 pm so I was told. So it was being delayed now I called and they were pushing… Read more »

Travis V.

The reason for seeing different vehicles is we use outside contractors sorta like uber does for it’s drivers. Where they are pre-vetted etc but are for legal/labor purposes not employees of amazon. The upside to us having our own carrier is we can more easily track and resolve issues with orders in the delivery stage through internal tools rather then having to call the carrier and hope for the best they can meet the needs. I personally have had great experiences with the service but I am also may come off as being biased seeing as I work for amazon.… Read more »


I’ve ordered from Amazon 2 packages Yesterday to Orlando, and I’ve selected (Same Day Shipping)…. the shipper was specified as (AMZL) which firstly I was scared after reading many bad reviews… but everything went just great and smooth, the tracking page was showing the the packages will be delivered on the same day around 9:00PM, and yes it was delivered at 8:43PM and was left in the mail room since there was no one at home… in a summary IT WAS GREAT


I like dealing with Amazon. The delivery time and products are great. My only problem is when AMZL US makes the delivery. They always delivers it across the street. I know the house across the street gets a lot of deliveries including my packages. You need to tell your drivers that addresses ending with a odd number are either on the south or east side of the roads. Years ago I put a arrow pointing to my house.

Sense Mark

After all the bad posts, I never expected to get my package. But not only did I get it, I got it the day before it was suppose to be delivered, I was pleasantly surprised.


I, too, am a prime and frequent user. I was horrified in my 55+ community last week to see a strange man, walking around the homes, searching, with a phone in his hand; talking to someone; with an older car nearby, then go to that car and subsequently deliver to my porch. We are highly restrictive, gated certain hours, and have NO interest in strangers making their way into our community. Call it what you will, but I like the authority and control delivered to me by USPS, UPS and Fedex… not random folks in their beaters…who don’t even know… Read more »


I ordered two items on Tuesday and received them via AMZL as promised on Thursday. Box was left behind my screen door.

This was the first time I got something via AMZL, usually it comes via Lasership.

Satisfied so far, hope it stays that way!


I have been ordering from Amazon and never had an issue with delivery always ontime and never damaged. This is the first time it was supposedly delivered by this AMZL US and I didn’t get the box?? Says it was handed directly to a receptionist?? I live in an apartment and there is no receptionist. Very disappointed and not sure I will order if this is not taken care of by Amazon. They offered a $5.00 certificate and say they will refund me which I hope happens, but I was really looking forward to my items. I prefer the regular… Read more »


Worst delivery and non delivery ever.8:30 at night. No ring or knock. Thrown onto edge of my lawn at public curb. Was heard by a witness as saying ” f₩¥&ck it, I don’t give a fu….k”
I retrieved just before she pulled off, her screaming I left on your porch. Lie. Two previous parcels never arrived. Marked as delivered. what a nightmare. Plumbing parts crucially needed, contractors finishing my bath, now delayed