Banks Nail Guns – Another New HF Brand

I spotted another set of tools on the Harbor Freight mailer that is set up to compete against Dewalt and no, this isn’t their other in-house brand Hercules, this time a new brand called BANKS and they offer a range of nail guns.

This is not soon after we learned of the their other still new brand, Pierce, which has a fitting name for a nail gun. But the Pierce brand was set up to compete Hitachi. I haven’t seen or felt these new Banks branded nail guns in person so I can’t comment on fit and finish quality although one thing I can say is that unlike the Hercules brand which tries to copy Dewalt almost identically, these new Banks brand nailers are not Dewalt clones and have their own design ques with an orangy-red accent color with mostly black bodies. They use more traditional designs and in one of the pictures they even put the Banks branded 15 degree coil roofing nailer up against Dewalts in a side by side comparison that only highlights what makes the Banks model better including the less than half price of $119.99 vs Dewalt’s $249. One thing I can see by the side by side pics is that the Dewalt nailer is much more compact in front to back length although that might not be important for roofing applications but as a reviewer is something that stands out to me. In all the other comparisons, most of the Banks nail guns are less than half price of the Dewalt counterparts which is what HF is known for, lower prices.

All of the 8 Banks branded nail guns are up on the Harbor Freight website for you to check out and let us know what you guys think of them. Do they look appealing to you guys? Would you buy them over more well known established brands like Hitachi and Dewalt at a lower price point? Let us know in the comments section below.

Current 8 Banks Nail guns:

  • 18ga 1/4″ crown air stapler $24.99
  • 18ga brad air nailer $29.99
  • 23ga pin nailer $29.99
  • 16ga straight finish nailer $89.99
  • 21 degree framing nailer $99.99
  • 30 degree framing nailer $99.99
  • 2 in 1 flooring air nailer/stapler $149.99
  • 15 degree coil roofing nailer $119.99

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  • Frank D says:

    The only time I buy a HF power or pneumatic tool, is if I need to help someone and don’t have access to my own name brand one, and in order to get things done fast-ish, can justify it as a disposable tool, vs trying to loan, rent or spend time and gas to fetch mine.

  • Larry says:

    I bought a Banks roofing nailer. It worked well for one job. Tried using it a year later, nails shooting intermittently . Contacted HF, they don’t repair or recommend a repair place. This sounds like a disposable tool; use for the warranted 90 days and if inoperable there after dispose of or find your own repair service. THIS IS A BAD POLICY. I didn’t know they sold hit or miss tools ! It’s absurd that a tool only last for 90 days or one job. I WILL NEVER BUY TOOLS FROM HARBOR FREIGHT AGAIN

  • bob says:

    I bought a 28° Banks framing nailer several months ago. I paid $89 for it and honestly, it has done everything I have ask of it with zero problems so far. We’re building a new house and this gun has been a great help. Double fires every once in a while, but they all do. Works with both round or clipped head nails. If I were a professional framer that did this type of work every day, I might look at something different. For the average homeowner projects, this gun is a no brainer for the price. The only negative is that 28° framing nails are not as readily available as 21° or 30°.

  • Graham says:

    About two months ago we purchased a 23 gauge pin nailer. It worked for about 10 pins then stopped. Returned it to Harbor Freight and they gracxiously exchanged it for a brand new one. The new one worked just a few days and used one small line of pins. Now it doesn’t work.

    How can I get a pin nailer that works? Any recommendations?

  • Graham says:

    Two months ago I purchased the Banks 23 Gauge Pin Nailer. After using it once it failed to work. I got a second Banks Pin Nailer (64143) and after using it twice, it too failed to work.

    When it works, it is great. Not sure what the defect is?

  • Soldier Sam says:

    Bought a HF pneumatic nailer. Put about 500 nails through it in 6 months. Started leaking air – no big deal – they all do – all you have to do is get a replacement ORING set …. Neither Harbor Freight nor BANKS carries replacement parts or even info on the RING sizes…. i called the 1-800 number and they told me the best thing to have done was to purchase the extended warranty and they could have just given me a new one. (WTH???)

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