Bosch 18V 2 Speed Blower Sneak Peak Video

  • By Javier
  • April 3, 2017
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Our friends over at AcmeTools have brought us a sneak peak video of a new Bosch 18V blower.

It’s basically a small lightweight jobsite type blower that most other brands have come out with. Bosch does add a few things such as giving it two speeds and a custom nose piece specially designed for blowing away dust inside holes made in concrete. This is to replace current methods peoples to prep holes drilled in concrete for the placement of anchors. Instead of using blow bulbs or compressors, users can use this new blower with the special nozzle for added convenience.

According to AcmeTools they say the tool is not out yet but the fact that they have one to show us means they should be available soon.

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