Bosch Blaze GLM400C & GLM400CL Offer Camera & Display that let you Spot Your Target From Afar

Bosch has a couple of new laser measures models GLM400C & GLM400CL that can measure distances up to 400 feet but their standout features are that they have built in 5.0 megapixel cameras with 8x zoom to let you spot the laser target with the built in color display. No more hassling to see if you are marking the correct spot or not as you’ll have visual confirmation.

Both models have a good feature set with built in bluetooth to share measurement data to your phone or tablet via their app, indirect measuring functions and inclinometer. The big differences on both models besides the price is that the GLM400CL offers the ability to take pictures and save pictures onto the internal memory. The internal memory can save up to 200 images and can also save up to 50 measurements. This model also has a lithium ion battery while the GLM400C model doesn’t have internal memory to save pictures or measurements, although it has a live view of the camera when running. No included lithium battery means you’ll need to use three AA batteries to operate.

Pricing for both models is $229 for the GLM400C and $299 for the GLM400CL.

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I just purchased the new Leica DISTO X4. It’s a great laser measure but has a very simple issue. I have it set for ft in down to 1/32. I found that when I measured something that the X4 displayed 2′ 7 20/32. Everyone knows that 20/32 is 5/8 duh. The DISTO X4 is supposed to be very smart that it couldn’t even get this right.

I hope the BOSCH GLM400CL does not have this limitation.
Does the GLM400CL display this measurement correctly?


The firmware for the DISTO X4 was written by those guys in Switzerland who know nothing about feet and inches. They told me to use the 1/8 or 1/4 setting which I tried and a measurement that was 5′ 7″ 1/2 came out 4/8. That’s very unprofessional. If a Master Electrician told his helper to cut a piece of EMT to 7′ &-20/32 he would look at his boss and say “what the hell does that mean”. I talked to BOSCH and the GLM400CL should be out in June. I told her about the problem with the Leica DISTO X4… Read more »