Bosch Creates A New X-Lock Mount Angle Grinder Interface Similar To Starlock Interface For Multitools

Many power tools have over time developed tool-less accessory interface changes such as jigsaws, recip saws, and oscillating multitools and while some angle grinders have tool-less flange nuts included, there hasn’t been much improvement in the angle grinder interface in terms of ultra quick and easy wheel changes. Luckily for us Bosch has created a completely new angle grinder interface that they call X-Lock and the way it works is strikingly similar to their Starlock mount interface for oscillating multitools.

Just like the Starlock mount, you can literally snap wheels in place and eject them with a pull of a lever located on the top of the grinder head with the new X-Lock angle grinder interface. This means you will no longer need a spanner wrench and flange nut and have to manually tighten and untighten to change out wheels the hard way.

With the X-Lock being a new angle grinder mount, this means you will need angle grinders that have the mount and will need to use all new X-Lock wheels specifically designed for the new mount. Also just like the Starlock mount, the X-Lock mount itself isn’t backwards compatible with regular grinder wheels, the new X-Lock wheels will be backwards compatible with standard 7/8 In. mounts, well at least most of the X-Lock wheels.

Unlike the Starlock multitool mount that was co-created by Bosch and Fein, the new X-Lock grinder mount appears to be solely created by Bosch themselves and it seems for the time being that only Bosch will have X-Lock mount grinders. I wonder if they will ever license the new mount to other brands or keep it to themselves? Either way we can expect to hear about the new Bosch corded X-Lock angle grinder in the above picture soon.

X-Lock Mount

  • provide faster change-out for grinders with X-Lock mounts
  • most are backward compatible with standard 7/8 In. mounts
  • High-quality wheels will cover core grinding applications including but not limited to bonded discs, flap discs, wire wheels, and diamond blades.

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Not sure if this is really needed. I bought a fixtec nut for my grinder and it really is convenient. Only cost me $16AUD and discs can be changed in a few seconds. It fits 115mm and 125mm grinders. Or for you guys in the USA, 4-1/2 inch and 5 inch grinders.


The same could be said about the Starlock mount vs the still very useful latch and pin system on multitools but the benefits are clear with the Starlock mount. I believe the same can be said of the new X-Lock mount. Is it necessary? Well the simple answer is no but so are a lot of other things in life like do we really need dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, vehicles and many other things we take for granted? Many in the world live without these things yet those that have them certainly appreciate the added benefits. I for one wouldn’t… Read more »


I’ve always considered all grinder disc changes “tool-free” lol spin the lock nut on snug with fingers, then lock it up by hand rotating the disc. Prevents over tightened nut, which is the most common requirement to use a spanner, and it disengages with as much ease in reverse as it took to install. I throw spanners in a little organizer bucket in the event that the torque from actually cutting or grinding, or even just time left on prevents backing it off with the wheel for grip- but I never have in close to a decade.

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