Bosch GBH18V-20 18V 3/4 Inch SDS+ Rotary Hammer

  • By Javier
  • September 18, 2017
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Bosch adds a new cordless SDS+ rotary hammer to their 18V line with the Bosch GBH18V-20 18V 3/4 Inch SDS+ Rotary Hammer .

At first thought I thought this was an update to the RHH181 model which is a 18V 3/4″ model until I noticed that the new GBH18V-20 isn’t packing a brushless motor.

So basically the new GBH18V-20 is the brushed 3/4″ 18V model in the line and sits slightly below the RHH181 brushless model. As cosmetics are concerned, the GBH18V-20 has styling cues from the newer GBH18V-26 1 inch brushless model I reviewed.

The new GBH18V-20 is similarly spec’d to the RHH181 model minus the brushless motor. You still get 3 modes plus the ability to rotate bits for chiselling and you get slightly more hammering force, RPM’s and BPM’s while being a hair longer and a smidge heavier than the brushless 3/4″ model. And at $399 in kit form, it’s also a bit less expensive than the brushless RHH181.

It seems that all of Bosch’s new drills are getting their famous kickback control feature that is basically an E-clutch that prevents the user from getting harmed if the bit binds although this feature is not present on this rotary hammer model.

At 13 ft lbs of hitting force and at 5.7 lbs without battery makes it a light yet strong for it’s size rotary hammer and makes it a good compact alternative to larger heavier units.

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