Bosch GLI18V-300 18V Articulating LED Worklight & GLI12V-300 12V Worklight

Bosch announces a couple of new LED work lights with the new GLI18V-300 18V Articulating LED Worklight & GLI12V-300 12V Worklight.

Both models offer a bright 300 lumens output but differentiate themselves due to their features, runtime and whether they’re powered by 18V (GLI18V-300) or 12V (GLI12V-300). They both seem to use the same light head that features 6 LED chips.

Both have hooks so that they can be hung overhead for hands free use or placed on the floor or counterspace. Where they are different besides size and voltage, is that the 18V model has an articulating head that pivots while the 12V model does not. Runtime is stated for about 10 hours with a 2ah battery on the 18v model while the 12V model is rated for about 6 hours with a 2ah battery.

If they look very similar to you guys, because the looked a little similar to me, that’s because it seems they are Bosch’s answer to Milwaukee’s M18 and M12 LED stick lights. They are very similar in shape and functionality as the Milwaukee models that came out 3 years ago. Although from what I can remember, not all is the same. Bosch’s models don’t have all the features of the Milwaukee models as the M18 stick light has two light settings high and low brightness and two hooks for use in the vertical and horizontal position while hanging, although the lumens is the same on both brands. The Milwaukee M12 stick light has a more versatile hook that can slide to the middle and back to the top so it can be horizontal or vertical when hanging. Bosch’s 12V model doesn’t have a multiposition hook but their 12V light has more lumens than the Milwaukee and both Bosch LED worklights are more affordable than the Milwaukee equivalents at $49 for the 18V model and $29 for the 12V model.

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