Brielmaier Lawn Mowers – Giant Push Mowers For Hills

While traditional push lawn mowers cover several inches per sweep, wouldn’t it be great if they could cover several feet at a time? They actually exist and they are the Brielmaier lawn mowers that can cover ridiculously large areas at a time (some have a cutting path of over 8 feet) and strangely enough, are still push mowers.

I found these while surfing the net and the Brielmaier lawn mowers cut grass and weeds by what appears to be an oversized hedge trimmer design with reciprocating teeth to cover a large area per sweep. These mowers vary in size but they all seem to operate on the same cutting design. The unit is big and looks heavy which would make pushing excruciatingly hard however they appear to be self propelled as it appears that none of the operators are breaking a sweet and look to be only guiding the mower as it pushes itself. These monsters are designed for work in the hills and to prevent them from sliding use oversized wheels with spikes to keep them from sliding and to grip the ground making going through inclines sideways no problem.

While most of these are push mower design, I’ve seen some of them where they offer a platform for the operator to stand on and “ride”. On one the platform was off the ground while on another the platform was riding on it’s own set of wheels. Some are even large enough to be used with two people at a time however the interesting part was that those models where shown using a single operator so two people are not needed to operate, interesting.

These appear to be sold in Europe, Germany if I’m not mistaken.

What do you guys think? Would you welcome them here in the USA? Would you get one?

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