Calavera Tool Works 5# Tool Bag System

What do you get when you cross the storage bins inside a storage organizer with the functionality of a tool belt? You get the Calavera Tool Works 5# Tool Bag System.

calavera-tool-bag-system-1 calavera-tool-bag-system-2

The Calavera Tool Works 5# Tool Bag System is made up of small tool bags that you can dump small parts, the type of stuff you’d store in a storage organizer individual bin like nails, screws, etc. Each tool bag has a built in powder coated steel belt clip similar to those that you’d find in a tape measure and each tool bag also incorporates a carabiner. The carabiner and belt clip make it easy to mount each tool bag on your tool belt, pants pockets, or pants belt when in use, and you can store them on a wall rack with the carabiner when not in use.

It wouldn’t be a tool bag system if it were only tool bags, so as part of the system they also have a wall track bracket system to go along with the tool bags. The wall bracket system is nothing fancy, simply a track you mount on the wall and and a gear hitch handle to mount the tool bags.

EDIT: Soon after posting this article, Michael from Calavera Tool Works confirmed that the tool bag belt clips are powder coated steel instead of plastic that I originally wrote about. He also wrote in saying:

Also of note, the system is designed to marry up with existing storage systems such as those from Tanos and Festool, and will pair up to the MFT table from the latter.

Pricing for the each bag will set you back about $20. Track brackets are around $25 and the gear hitch is around $12.50.

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