Klein Tools WiFi Borescope ET20

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the WiFi Borescope, which enables professionals to easily display, save and share jobsite images and videos through a mobile … Continue Reading →

Home Depot Order Pick Up Lockers Are Easier And Faster Than Customer Service Desks

I prefer ordering online and having items delivered to my door but recently I stumbled upon a good deal that did not offer shipping, only in store pickup. I don’t … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Electronics Pocket Screwdriver 4 in 1 32614 & HVAC Pocket Screwdriver 3 in 1 32613

April 16, 2019 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces two new Multi-Bit Pocket Screwdrivers, which provide optimum control for precision work. Both the 4-in-1 Electronics Pocket … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter 400A Auto-Ranging CL380

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces a new AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter (CL380), bringing accessibly priced AC/DC True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) measurement capabilities to Klein … Continue Reading →

SouthWire Maxis XD1 Drill Powered Wire Puller

SouthWire tools has released the Maxis XD1 wire puller which uses a drill to power to puller. Pullers like this are used for running wire through longer distances of conduit … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Introduces Easy To Use AC/DC Voltage Testers for Residential Wiring ET40 ET45

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces two Electronic AC/DC Voltage Testers, which are designed to easily check, verify or troubleshoot common residential electrical wiring and devices. … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Precision Flush Cutters D275-5

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the Precision Flush Cutter for increased control when working in confined spaces. The tool’s heat-treated knife design maximizes durability, … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Announces New Hand Tools for Electricians – Conduit Benders and Fish Tapes!

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to grow its hand tool solutions for electricians with the addition of Conduit Benders and Fish Tapes. Designed specifically for the challenges associated with bending … Continue Reading →

New Ames Brand Multimeters At Harbor Freight

For a long time Harbor Freight has had a very limited selection of multimeters and what they did have left a lot to be desired. As has been the recent … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Coax Cable Installation Kit with Hip Pouch VDV011-852

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces the Coax Cable Installation Kit, which includes all the tools needed to successfully prepare and connect coaxial cables. Coax … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Introduces Knives, Storage, and Pliers Designed for Linemen

Milwaukee just announced that they will be growing their linemen hand tool offerings with the addition of new Power Utility knives, storage, and pliers. Check out the full press release below … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools IR10 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer 20:1

(Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces a 20:1 Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer, which offers a wide measurement range, a tight distance-to-spot ratio, dual targeting lasers and … Continue Reading →

Ryobi Power Tracer ESV1000 – All In One Circuit Tester And Tracer

Ryobi has a new all in one circuit tester and tracer called the Ryobi Power Tracer model ESV1000. With this tool you’ll be able to test if outlets have been wired … Continue Reading →

Bosch Nail Strike Wood Boring Bit Offers Toughness for Nails in Wood Applications

Bosch has come out with a new Nail Strike Wood boring bit that’s designed for drilling in wood and can withstand several nail strikes into nail embedded wood, with up … Continue Reading →

DEWALT Flexvolt 60V In-Line Stud & Joist Drill DCD470B DCD470X1

Dewalt announced a new Flexvolt 60V In-Line Stud & Joist Drill DCD470 at this years STAFDA 2018 event. Dewalt created a new version of their current Flexvolt 60V stud and joist … Continue Reading →