2020 Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Light / Charger 2136-21 Gen 2

Milwaukee has announced a new updated model of their original Milwaukee M18 rocket tower light and charger with the 2020 Gen 2 model 2136-21 . Full disclosure:  Tool Craze cannot … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M12 Rover Service and Repair Flood Light w/ USB Charging 2367-20

Milwaukee has announced a new M12 light with the M12 Rover Service and Repair Flood Light w/USB Charging model 2367-20 . Full disclosure:  Tool Craze cannot guarantee the accuracy of … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT Light / Charger 2357-20

Milwaukee’s Pipeline Event second episode showcased several new Packout products. One of those is the interesting M18 Packout light / charger 2357-20 which is both a LED light station and … Continue Reading →

Makita 18V Cordless Tower Lights DML813 & DML814 And Cordless / Corded Work Light DML811

Makita has announced three more cordless work lights with two tower lights the DML813 & DML814 and also a hybrid cordless and corded work light the DML811. Milwaukee has been … Continue Reading →

Klein Tools Rechargeable Headlamps

Klein Tools has announced several new rechargeable headlamps that offer the convenience of not having to hassle with replacing batteries. They charge via USB either USB-C or micro connection and … Continue Reading →

2 New Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Flashlights 2160-21 2161-21

Milwaukee has announced 2 new USB rechargeable flashlights with the Milwaukee USB Rechargeable 800L Compact Flashlight 2160-21 that offers 800 max lumens of brightness and the Milwaukee USB Rechargeable 1100L … Continue Reading →

Bosch 18V GLI 18V-4000 C & GLI 18V-10000 C Professional Worklight

Bosch has two new compact yet high output cordless 18V lights with the Bosch 18V GLI 18V-4000 C and the GLI 18V-10000 C Professional Worklight. Respectively theyse tiny guys put … Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Opens Up 2020 NPS Event To The Public – Register To Enter The Milwaukee Pipeline Event

Every year Milwaukee hosts their new tools symposium event to show off all their latest tools. In the past this event was open only to the media however this year … Continue Reading →