Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light – Their Most Powerful Light With Multiple Power Options

Ryobi has just announced their brightest light yet with their Tripower tripod LED light. It also offers multiple power options, three to be exact. Let’s check it out below.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691 – Features

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

Ryobi says this is their brightest light yet and no wonder since it is rated for 3,800 lumens. That’s very bright indeed! The light head has 4 light panels which pivot so you can aim all in one direction or independently for up to 360 degree light output. It offers 4 brightness modes with high, medium, low, and single panel usage.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

The light head can also pivot to the side for additional angle options.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

And the light sits on a tripod base with telescoping pole for adjustable height.

Features Continued:

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

This light also has another trick up its sleeve in that it has multiple power options. It has a total of three power options and you can use a Ryobi 18V battery, Ryobi 40V battery, or you can use AC power for unlimited runtime with an extension cord.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

And being a tripod light, the whole thing can be collapsed and folded down for easy transport and storage.

The tricks don’t end there as this light has a couple more interesting tricks not seen on other cordless tools. The light head can be removed from the tripod base and be used independently on its own as shown above. This makes the light head very compact and portable and in this mode, you’ll need an 18V battery to operate. An integrated handle and hook are included for easy handling and usage.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light PCL691

Another trick is that when the light head is detached, the top of the tripod has a battery post terminal of which you can mount select Ryobi 18V tools onto. Like the Ryobi 18V speaker shown above. You need to make sure which tools are compatible to mount onto the tripod for them to work. This can easily be done by scanning a QR code on the tool mount using your smartphone for a full list of compatible Ryobi 18V tools.

Ryobi Tripower Tripod LED Light – Pricing & Availability

This tripod light will be priced at $199 as a baretool and will be available in August 2024.

  • 3,800 lumens with 4 brightness modes (high, medium, low and single panel)
  • 360º illumination with individual adjustable LED panels or use as a single panel flashlight
  • Hands-free use with 2-by capable handle and integrated folding hanging hook
  • Detachable 18V ONE+ 360º LED light for portable illumination
  • Adjustable maximum height of 7′ and 135º pivoting head ensuring versatile lighting for different needs and spaces
  • Collapsible legs with handles for easy storage and transport
  • 18V ONE+ tool mount compatible with 18V ONE+ Lifestyle & Recreation products
  • TriPOWER technology powered by any 18V ONE+ battery, any 40V battery or an extension cord
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • PCL691B Includes: PCL690 TriPOWER Tripod, PCL632 18V 360º LED Light and operator’s manuals

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