Column Climber – Climb column’s with ease


column climber 1Erecting large buildings with steel columns has always had it’s risk for steel workers. This obviously isn’t for the faint of heart and requires a fit and quite capable worker to be able to climb up and down columns. This has always had it’s risks with injuries and death looming around the corner if one is not careful. There already are methods for climbing that include the use of safety equipment such as harness’s but luckily for steel construction workers, there is an additional layer of safety and ease of climbing with a product named after what it does – the Column Climber.

This neat gadget is a wearable shoe accessory that facilitates climbing up and descending steel beam columns and once you’re reached your destination, it can be used as a platform to keep the working in place. It is said to be made of 514 steel and can support a 320 lbs user – although each foot frame is rated for up to 900 lbs. The design is interesting as it allows the user to easily scale up and down a column and to stay in place at any given height.

These aren’t cheap with a starting retail price of $405 although they are 26% off at the time of writing making these as low as $299. While not inexpensive, they do offer the value of safety and ease of use and safety is hard to put a price on. Check out the video above for a quick demonstration and check out their website for more info.

Big thanks to Joshua B. for bringing this to the attention of the Tool Craze universe!

DSCF5889-miz2x9wyghd8fqqhsys54rgxemue63khi0ggx6e60w column climber 2

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