Dead On Tools 22oz Steel Hammer with Smooth Face

Dead On Tools 22oz smooth face hammerOne of the most essential tool in anyone’s tool box is a hammer and Dead On Tools makes a pretty slick looking one with their Dead On Tools 22oz Steel Hammer with Smooth Face. It takes a solid one piece all metal design and tops it off with a rubber overmold in the gripping area. It comes with the standard features such as a claw for removing nails, comes with either a smooth face or a milled head, and also includes a magnetic nail set for starting nails. The frame of the hammer is said to have an “I-beam” design so as to create extra shaft strength.

What makes this Dead On Tools 22oz Steel Hammer with Smooth Face interesting is it’s design and I would even say it’s slick looking with a unique hollow head or open head design. It’s said to have a unique “tuning-fork” design with “ZEROvibe” and this is said to eliminate most vibration before it gets to the handle. If it does the trick with removing or reducing hammer strike vibration, count me in!

It’s pricing is reasonable at around $25 and you can find it online at Amazon or the Home Depot. Personally I haven’t tried it so I can’t comment on it’s build quality and performance but looking at the reviews on both Amazon and the Home Depot, its a mixed bag of negative and positive comments. Users are saying it works great as a hammer but not so much as a nail puller. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you guys think of it.

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