Demolish Concrete Easily With Dexpan

Got a big slab of concrete you need to break up into smaller pieces but don’t want to do back breaking labor and get your pretty freshly manicured nails messed up? Dexpan has a solution for you.

Dexpan is a powder substance that when mixed with the proper amount of water and poured into carefully drilled holes into concrete, expands and breaks up concrete into manageable pieces. It takes away all the back breaking labor of breaking up concrete as it does it for you. Of course, there is still some work involved as you will need to drill various evenly placed holes with a rotary hammer and mix the Dexpan mixture with water and pour. The Dexpan mixture will break up concrete in about 24 hours and I’m sure you will agree that that’s much easier than breaking up concrete manually.

Check out the above video for full instructions or read them below for a quick instruction set.

Drill holes with a recommended 1.5 inches in diameter but not to exceed 2 inches in diameter, holes should be spread out no more than 8 inches apart, and holes should be drilled to 80-90% the depth of the concrete. Mix Dexpan 11 lbs powder with 1.5 liters of water and pour into holes within 10-15 minutes of mixing. After pouring, use a rod or stick to agitate the Dexpan mixture to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped. After about 2 hours you will notice the Dexpan doing its job and small cracks will start to appear. Give it about 24 hours for complete demolition of concrete.

Depending on the type of rock or concrete temperature, there are 3 types of Dexpan:

  • Dexpan® I – (usable temperature of F° 77 ~ 104 or C° 25 ~ 40)
  • Dexpan® II – (usable temperature of F° 50 ~ 77 or C° 10 ~ 25)
  • Dexpan® III – (usable temperature of F° 23 ~ 50 or C° -5 ~ 10)

And Dexpan is available in 2 types of packing:

  1. –  44 lb (20 kg.) box (includes four 11 lb bags) – fills up to 9 linear ft. of 1.5 in. holes.
  2. –  11 lb ( 5 kg.) plastic bucket (one 11 lb bag) – fills up to 35 linear ft. of 1.5 in. holes.

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