Dewalt 12V Brushless Xtreme Subcompact Series – 5 New 12V Tools Finally !!!

Dewalt announces 5 new tools to their 12V Max tools all of which are subcompact tools featuring brushless motors and called the Xtreme Series.

The five new 12V Xtreme series tools consist of a new DCD701 drill/driver, DCD706 hammer drill, DCF601 screwdriver, DCF801 impact driver and DCF902 3/8″ impact wrench.

Dewalt’s 12v Max cordless line was severely neglected and updates to it were long overdue but the new Dewalt 12V brushless xtreme subcompact series are a very nice step in the right direction to hopefully building up the Dewalt 12V Max line into a full, well developed system like competing brands. Although none of these new tools are completely new tools to their 12V system (except for the hammer drill) it is nice to see that they are all brushless especially when you take into account that brands like Bosch, Milwaukee and Makita already have several brushless 12V tools.

All of these new tools look very promising with great specs on paper. Their 12V brushless impact driver puts out 1450 in-lbs of torque which bests even the mighty Milwaukee M12 Fuel Gen 2 impact driver with 1300 in-lbs. It’s also extremely compact at 5.05 inches in length. The impact driver features 3 modes: High Speed, Low Speed, and Precision Drive Mode. Precision Drive Mode can pause the Impact Driver for one second before impacting for precision driving. The 3/8″ impact wrench puts out up to 1,500 in-lbs. of max fastening torque and 2,400 in-lbs. of breakaway torque with a compact 5.11″ length. It has 3 modes: High Speed, Low Speed, and Precision Wrench Mode. The Precision Wrench Mode helps prevent overtightening and run-off. Both the drill/driver and hammer drill are rated for 250 UWO. I see they’re still using their proprietary performance ratings which is no doubt so that would be buyers can not directly compare torque specs between Dewalt drills and other brands drills. However I’ve tried Dewalt’s 20V max DCD771 drill which is rated at 300 UWO and is strong for a compact 18V drill and the new 12V Xtreme series drills are pretty close according to paper stats. The drill is a record breaking 5.97 inches in length beating out the current puny size champ which is Makita’s 12V brushless drill/driver. Dewalt’s 12V hammer drill is still a very compact 6.6 inches in length. The 12v screwdriver is rated for 200 UWO which is not too far behind the Xtreme series drills. The screwdriver appears to be a single speed screwdriver and is not based on the other two drills drivetrains which do offer two speeds. The screwdriver is is 4.81-inches long. The 2 impacts and screwdriver all feature an LED light ring on the front for smooth even lighting in dark areas.

Besides offering 5 new Dewalt 12V Max tools, they also offer updated 2.0 ah batteries and a new compact 3.0 ah battery that offer a built in 3 LED Fuel Gauge. Adding a fuel gauge to two batteries is a step in the right direction although I wish they would have offered double cell-row fatpack batteries such as a 4.0 ah or larger capacities.

The new Dewalt 12V Xtreme series tools will be available in summer 2019, each tool comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

  • The 12V MAX* Brushless Drill/Driver (DCD701) is optimized for use in small pilot holes and can handle up to a 1/2-inch spade bit. The tool is 5.97 inches long and 1.91 pounds (tool-only). It’s lightweight and fits in tight places. It offers up to 250 UWO (Units Watts Out), a variable speed trigger, and 2-speed transmission. A belt clip and a bright LED are included on the tool’s foot.
  • The 12V MAX* Brushless Impact Driver (DCF801) works well with small fasteners and can handle up to a 1/4-inch lag bolt. The tool is 5.05 inches long and 1.75 pounds (tool only). It achieves up to 1,450 in-lbs. of max torque, making it a powerful, subcompact choice. The impact driver features 3 modes: High Speed, Low Speed, and Precision Drive™ Mode. Precision Drive™ Mode can pause the Impact Driver for one second before impacting. This protects the fastener and material surface, providing users with control during applications that require a high level of precision. The tool includes three LEDs on the nosecone, a variable speed trigger, and a belt clip.
  • The 12V MAX* Brushless Screwdriver (DCF601) is best used with hard-to-reach fasteners that need the control of its 15-setting clutch. The tool is 4.81-inches long, 1.5 pounds (tool only), yet is capable of up to 200 UWO of power. It features a belt clip and three LEDs on the nosecone.
  • The 12V MAX* 3/8-inch Brushless Impact Wrench (DCF902) with a Hog Ring Anvil is designed for hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. The tool is 5.11 inches long and 1.73 pounds (tool only), achieving up to 1,500 in-lbs. of max fastening torque and 2,400 in-lbs. of breakaway torque. It features a variable speed trigger and has 3 modes: High Speed, Low Speed, and Precision Wrench™ Mode. The Precision Wrench™ Mode helps prevent overtightening and run-off. The Impact Wrench also features three LEDs on the nosecone to help illuminate work areas.
  • The 12V MAX* Brushless Hammerdrill (DCD706) is optimized for creating variety of holes in brick and block, but can also tackle smaller holes in concrete. The tool is 6.6 inches long and 2.04 pounds (tool-only). It’s subcompact, lightweight, and fits in tight places. It offers up to 250 UWO, 25,500 BPM, a variable speed trigger, and a 2-speed transmission. A belt clip and LED are included on the tool’s foot.

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Jeremy Neill
Jeremy Neill

To little too late. If they had come out with these 3 years ago I’d be freaking out. I waited and waited and meanwhile Milwaukee just cranked up the offerings and quality and affordability with the M12 line. I now use those tools more than my DeWalt 20v max tools and am considering switching to the M18 line also. Something 5 years ago I never thought I’d say because I was so devout to the yellow and black.


Sadly, I agree. I love & am very pleased with what I have from “Yellow n Black” but, somebody, please explain why they seem to be sooooooo slow getting new products to market? How many times have we seen neat DeWalt products showcased (teased) by Toolguyd, only to have to wait and wait before they were available in the power tool market place? I’ve done the same as Jeremy and have adopted the M-12s for my light duty work. Why does Towson, Md headquartered DeWalt seem to get power tools to the European market much sooner than to the US… Read more »


Seems like an expensive waste. I keep using a tool as long as it keeps working. If it didn’t suit my needs I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.


The EU still advertises in NM, if you’re looking for a workable straight spec comparison on the drill/drivers. Drill and impact will likely end up in my go-bag, but the real determiner for myself reinvesting beyond a battery or two, is going to be what the saw situation shakes out to be in the new 12v XRs. Loved the old 12v pivot recip, but I’m not buying another one that old, just to round out a 12v set. I’ve got 3 recips, from 2 different brands, and even though two of those are “compact,” I don’t feel like there’s a… Read more »