Dewalt 20V Brushless Deep Cut Bandsaw DCS374

  • By Javier
  • December 27, 2015
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61Cw2RaWcsL._SL1000_Dewalt like many other cordless power tool manufacturers have been stepping up their game lately with more brushless cordless power tools. One of those new cordless brushless power tools is their new Dewalt 20V Brushless Deep Cut Bandsaw DCS374. This isn’t their first cordless bandsaw for the 20V Max platform as they already have a popular cordless model and this one adds “more” with the addition of the brushless motor and a much larger cutting capacity.

The cutting capacity on the new model is roughly twice as big as the previous model at 5” by 4-3/4” and can cut much larger materials than the previous model. Ofcourse the added cutting capacity also makes the tool much larger and brings up the weight to 13.8 lbs. Just like the previous model, also includes Dewalt’s cordless power tool LED light with 20 second delay which will help out in low light.

Back to the brushless side of things, we all know that brushless motors are more efficient and that it usually translates into longer runtime for cordless power tools. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Dewalt goes on to claim that it can make up to 149 cuts into 1-5/8” Strut with a 14 TPI blade and this is based on using a XR 5.0 ah battery. Also gowing along with the growing trend of making 18V/20V power tools more powerful with new brushless motors – this brushless bandsaw is also said to have more power than before. Dewalt even goes as far as saying it has similar performance to a corded model – specifically their own corded model DWM120. Dewalt says its has magnesium construction and also features a rafter hook.

It will be available in January 2016 in two options, as a bare tool DCS374B and as a 2 battery kit that includes a couple of 5.0 batteries, charger, and hard plastic storage case DCS374P2 .


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    • 5” Cutting Capacity
    • 4” cut capacity cuts up to 4″ SCH 40 pipe and double strut
    • 13.8 lbs
    • 44-7/8” size blade
    • Integrated hang hook allows user to hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base
    • LED Work Light with 20 second delay illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting.
    • Tool less blade changing lever loosens blade tension for easy blade changes
    • Variable Speed for versatility and control

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