Dewalt DCB230 20V Compact 3.0 Ah Battery – Same Runtime as DCB200 But Smaller & Lighter

This must be power tool battery news week because we have a new report from Dewalt that they now have a new DCB230 3.0 ah 20V compact battery. Having only five cells makes it a compact battery with a slim form factor roughly about half the size and weight of the original yet larger DCB200 fatpack 3.0 ah battery.

This is great because the new DCB230 battery has 50% more runtime capacity than their current 2.0 ah batteries yet is the same exact size. Being a high capacity battery for it’s size, Dewalt uses their XR yellow top shell although they ditched the XR branding on this new battery. A built in 3 bar fuel gauge can be found to monitor remaining battery charge.

These are popping up on retail sites such as Amazon although they are not available yet but will be soon. No word on exact date though. Pricing for one is $99 and $149 for a 2-pack.

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  • Same runtime and power in a lighter and shorter Package compared to DCB200
  • 3.0Ah of capacity provides 33% more runtime than DC9096 18V battery
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less Downtime
  • 3-led fuel gauge to quickly check state of charge on battery

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