Dewalt Breakaway Reciprocating Saw Blades

Dewalt just came out with a interesting new idea for recip saw blades, with new Dewalt Breakaway Reciprocating Saw Blades.

They basically took the same concept of snap blade utility knives and incorporated this into a reciprocating saw blade.

Usually most of the wear of a blade happens near the shoe and the blades snap just beyond that to expose the part of the blade closer to the tip that still has plenty of life left thus extending the life of a blade if you can reuse it after it wears out.

Dewalt says that they perforated snap design doesn’t impact the integrity of their blades. My only concern is how short the left over part of the blade will be. On their 6 inch recip blades, the left over blade essentially becomes a standard 4 inch blade which isn’t very long. You won’t be cutting 2x lumber with the leftover section but you’ll still be able to use if for thin stock like drywall, small diameter pipe, and plywood. They do have a longer 9 inch breakaway blade that has a 6 inch leftover blade which is much more useful. That’s the one I’d get.

Prices are very low and very affordable. The only place I could find that sells these at the time of writing was Lowe’s and they have them for $5.74 for a 5 pack of six inch blades, $6.62 for a 3 pack of 9 inch blades, and $11.76 for an 8 pack with six 6 inch blades and two 9 inch blades, so these are actually a better deal than buying individual blades, that and you essentially get two blades per blade when you take into count the snap off section of the blade.

  • BREAKAWAY feature allows for full blade use, without compromising the integrity of the blade
  • User is able to break away the used section of the blade and then reinsert the unused blade back into the saw
  • The 6-in DEWALT BREAKAWAY reciprocating saw blade breaks into a 4-in blade, which allows up to 1-in material to be cut
  • Thick kerf blade designed for increased durability
  • 14/18 TPI variable tooth pattern for optimized cuts in a variety of metal cutting applications
  • Applications include cutting of metal, galvanized pipe, copper pipe, conduit, metal studs and EMT

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