DeWALT Stackable Mechanics Tool Sets

DeWALT is no stranger to hand tools and mechanics tools as they have a healthy amount of mechanics tools and they just announced a bunch of new mechanics tool sets. What’s great about these is that they are stackable meaning they can be stacked on top of each other and lock together to form a customizable tool container.

They’re smaller than traditional tool boxes yet bigger than their bit cases. They have several sets available to customize to your liking and what I like about them so far is that each set has a custom tool liner tray and is removable. All the tool set cases appear to be the same with the content inside and tray liner being different for each. This is great because you can take the trays out and store them and take out only the trays you need to fit into any stackable mechanics tool case.

Taking a quick look at their website, it seems they have 12 stackable mechanics tool sets to collect them all.

DeWALT stackable mechanics tool sets page

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