Dewalt TSTAK Connected Radio DWST1-81079

Similar to the Tough Box System radio, Dewalt also made a Radio for their TSTAK modular storage box system with the Dewalt TSTAK Connected Radio DWST1-81079 . It was spotted by Cody Robertson over in the UK. Dewalt sometimes issues new tools overseas first and is pretty good about getting those over to the USA after the UK has had some fun with them so there’s a good chance we’ll see this stateside.

Other than the ability to mount this radio on top of other TSTAK boxes, it’s got some interesting features.  The main feature most of you guys will like is that it can charge 12V (or 10.8V as their known in the UK) and 20V (18V XR UK) batteries on board when the radio is plugged into an outlet of course. I didn’t see it mentioned in the features list but if it can be plugged in, it only makes sense that the radio can also be operated while plugged in. It’s also a cordless radio and can run off of 20V batteries including the newer Flexvolt batteries. Other features include bluetooth connectivity and a full color lcd display which is something I’ve yet to see previously on other jobsite radios.

It’s up for pre-order in the UK at the moment and not sure when or if it will be available in the USA. We’ll have to stay tuned until further notice.

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