Dewalt Updates 3 Original Flexvolt 60V Cordless Power Tools

Dewalt has announced that they are updating 3 of the original Flexvolt 60V cordless power tools. These include a new updated Circular Saw (DCS578), Angle Grinder (DCG418) and Reciprocating Saw (DCS389). These are technically new tools with new model numbers as well, think of them as the Gen 2 versions.

When the original Flexvolt power tools hit they scene, they were some of Dewalt’s strongest cordless power tool offerings however the power tool market doesn’t still and the competition is fiercely updating their tools so each brand stays on top as best they can so it doesn’t surprise me that Dewalt would update some of their original Flexvolt tools to stay competitive. The new three new power tools are said to be updated offering better performance and runtime than their originals. Although no runtime figures were mentioned, they did mention the performance increase numbers. According to Dewalt, the Circular Saw (DCS578) is up to 47% more powerful than its predecessor, the DCS575. The Grinder (DCG418) is up to 30% more powerful than its predecessor, the DCG414. And the Reciprocating Saw (DCS389) is up to 19% more powerful than its predecessor, the DCS388.

There’s also another upgrade with each of these tools, specifically in kit form and that’s that they will no longer be kitted with 6.0ah Flexvolt batteries but will now be upgraded to 9.0ah batteries. Keep in mind that a Flexvolt 9.0ah battery is only 9.0 ah in 20V terms and actually a 3.0 ah in 60V terms.

All three new Flexvolt power tools mentioned will be available spring 2020 and will retail for $249 MSRP bare tool (without a battery), and $299 MSRP kitted with one 9.0Ah battery.

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