Dixon Reach Deep Hole Mechanical Pencil

On my previous trip to Lowes earlier this week, I also spotted a jobsite mechanical pencil with an interesting design. The Dixon Reach deep hole mechanical pencil has a long and thin tip that can fit inside small holes to reach deep into things.

Practical uses are for when you have a small hole in which you need to mark at the far end of it. Normally you wouldn’t be able to do this with regular carpenters pencils, markers, pens, etc. but the thin and long mechanical pencil tip design is perfectly suited for this.

On the packaging they show a user placing an electrical box with the opening facing a stud and fitting the pencil in one of the screw holes and marking the stud through the small hole. They also show a user marking the other piece on a pocket hole joint with the pencil marking through the pocket hole hole on the joining piece.

Pretty neat design and I’m sure will come in handy for those hard to reach places. The lead is extended in the same manner as you would extend the blades of a snap blade knife. A yellow cap is also included to protect the lead.

The Dixon Reach deep hole mechanical pencil comes with 12 refill lead pieces and a rotating cylinder holder. Pricing is $8.99 for the Dixon Reach deep hole mechanical pencil and additional refills are roughly the same price as the mechanical pencil more or less.

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