Earthquake XT 20V 1/2″ Impact Wrench Video Review

There’s been a lot of buzz lately from all the new Harbor Freight 20V lithium tools. Today we’re going to take a look at a video review for the Earthquake 20V 1/2″ high torque Impact Wrench. All credit goes to YouTube channel ERICSDIYGARAGE for posting this video.

Eric put it to the test and the Earthquake XT 20V 1/2″ impact wrench took about a second to remove lug nuts that were torque’d down to 150 ft-lbs. It also removed a Nissan Altima crankshaft bolt and axle nut and a few other bolts and the Earthquake high torque impact wrench did quick work at removing all of them.

His only complaint of the Harbor Freight impact wrench was the forward and reverse selector button. Said it wasn’t very responsive and didn’t have a click that assured the user that it was set to forward or reverse. Because of this there was an instance where he thought he put the tool in reverse but it was actually in neutral.

Other info we can gather from the video: The battery has a 3 bar fuel gauge, the tool is a single speed meaning you will run the tool at full speed and torque at all time anddo not have other lower speeds as you would on competing models. Eric didn’t explain if the trigger was a variable speed trigger or not. And it uses a friction ring to hold sockets.

My opinion is that so far so good. It’s performance looks to be very good and if holds up to good use and lasts a long time, they probably have another Harbor Freight gem on their hands. For more info and specs click here.

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The interesting thing is he has a torque wrench, yet should not have had to turn the lug nuts that far to go from their correct torque to the 150 ft lbs over-torque.

David Novack
David Novack

Good morning–I recently purchased the Earthquake cordless Extreme Torque Impact Wrench with the 3/4 inch anvil. It works as advertised, removing lug bolts that are torqued to 350 ft.lbs. the tool does not, however, have an adjustment for torque tightening. Do you know what measure of tightening is generated by the tool? Trying to figure out if it’s safe to use to tighten a lug nut.