Empire Level Next Generation Torpedo Level Models

Empire Level continues to deliver innovative solutions for layout applications with the introduction of five Next Generation Torpedo Levels, all made in the U.S.A.

The new line consists of a 10” True Blue® Torpedo Level, 10” True Blue® Torpedo Level with DUAL PITCH™, 9” Magnetic Reinforced Torpedo Level, and 12” Magnetic Reinforced Tool Box Torpedo Level (also available in metric).


These new levels build off the features users have come to know and love, but are also enhanced with additional functionality never seen before – such as Ruler Grooves and Surface Grips.

Just like all True Blue® solutions, the new 10” Torpedoes represent the very best in high-performing layout solutions from Empire. Both are designed with a Ruler Groove for applications that require extended measuring and marking. This new-to-world feature allows users to insert a straight edge into the top groove of the Torpedo Level to create a longer measuring surface. An anti-slip Surface Grip on the back of the level also provides users with additional stability so the level doesn’t slip while in use. The new True Blue® Torpedo Levels are also designed with powerful rare earth magnets for a superior holding strength on pipe and other metal surfaces.

All of Empire’s Next Generation Torpedoes feature exclusive high contrast vial surrounds for industry-leading visibility, as well as a top read window for a clear overhead view. Empire’s patented e-Band™ vials also provide maximum visibility and durability. For added utility, all 9” and 10” models have a tapered design so the Torpedo Level can easily slide in and out of pockets and pouches.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Empire’s Next Generation Torpedo Levels are constructed from an all metal, I-Beam frame to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions and protect the level for long-life accuracy. The new core range of Torpedoes are a true testament to Empire’s continued focus on developing advanced products for layout and measurement applications that offer trusted accuracy from project planning through project finish.


  • All made in the USA
  • It’s been 81 years since Empire invented the torpedo level
  • New torpedo levels feature new functionality – like Ruler Grooves and Surface Grips
  • Available: January 2017

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