Empire Level Upgrades Rafter, Framing and Combination Square Lineup

Empire level is upgrading their rafter squares, framing squares and combination square lineups with feature improvements and better marking visibility. Full info in the press release below.

MUKWONAGO, WI – Committed to developing layout and measurement solutions that provide trusted accuracy from project planning through project finish, Empire Level is proud to introduce the next generation of its industry-leading TRUE BLUE® Rafter, Framing, and Combination squares. The new squares are designed with an array of best-in-class enhancements, such as permanent laser etched markings and advanced scribing features, for maximum life and accuracy.

“The launch of these next generation squares demonstrates our commitment to innovation and user-driven product designs that improve the overall layout experience. Each square includes thoughtful new feature improvements and durable construction in a highly precise design,” said Rick Gray, Senior VP and GM for Empire Level. “As we move into our 100th year as a company, we’re proud to build upon our rich history of product innovation with these newest solutions, all of which are designed and manufactured in the United States.”

TRUE BLUE® Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Squares

The next generation 7” and 12” High-Visibility Laser Etched Rafter Squares feature SCRIBE-GUIDE™, a uniquely designed scribe notch pattern for marking at ½ and ¼” increments. Permanent laser etched markings provide superior readability in any light condition, and a 15% wider heel than other rafter squares on the market which allows for better hold and stability on materials during marking and cutting applications.  The Rafter Squares are produced using an extruded aluminum design which provides superior durability when compared to other rafter squares available today.

TRUE BLUE ® Hi-Vis Laser Etched Framing Square

The next generation Laser Etched Framing Square features ARC-SCRIBE™, a new-to-world feature that provides common radiuses for marking window and door arches. The square is also designed with permanent laser etched markings for superior readability in any light condition, graduation marks at 1/8”, 1/10”, 1/12”, and 1/16”, and convenient conversion tables for common rafter and brace cuts.  In addition, the square is made of lightweight anodized aluminum which will not rust.

TRUE BLUE® Combination Squares

The next generation 6”, 12”, and 16” TRUE BLUE® Combination Squares are redesigned with an improved Blade-Lock™ for faster adjustments and a more secure hold, a Dual-Pitch™ vial for checking 1 and 2-degree slope, and rational head dimensions for quick checks of common dimensions; this combination of features makes them the most versatile and easy-to-use combinations squares on the market.  They also feature an etched stainless-steel blade and onboard storage for a hardened scriber.

The Empire® Next Generation Rafter, Framing, and Combination Squares join an array of high-performing next generation product upgrades Empire has recently launched to expand its range of advanced layout solutions. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these squares confirm Empire’s commitment to quality and innovation for users on the jobsite and in the shop.

Empire® Rafter Squares

  • 7” TRUE BLUE® Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Square (e2994) – $11.99
  • 12” TRUE BLUE® Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Square (e3992) – $21.99

Empire® Framing Squares

  • 16” x 24” TRUE BLUE® Hi-Vis Laser Etched Framing Square (e1190) – $14.99
  • 16” x 24” Aluminum Framing Square (1140) – $11.99

Empire® Combination Squares

  • 6” TRUE BLUE® Combination Square (e255) – $8.99
  • 12” TRUE BLUE® Combination Square (e250) – $10.99
  • 16” TRUE BLUE® Combination Square (e280) – $14.99

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