FastCap Adjustable Knuckle Bender – Adjustable Door Hinge Knuckle Bender To Fix Sagging doors

The FastCap Adjustable Knuckle Bender – here’s a new tool from FastCap fixes that pesky problem some of us face with doors not closing correctly because the door itself bumps into the door frame due to door sagging.

There’s several ways to fix this problem – either sand or plane parts of the door to make it fit then paint or stand and finish or place shims between the hinges and door jambs. FastCap has an easier way with their knuckle bender.

It’s basically an adjustable wrench with special shaped jaws to grip around the knucklos of door hinges. The jaws grab on to the knuckles while you pull or push the knuckes to either side and bend the hinges into place so that the door fits.

You can adjust the hinges with the knuckle bender while the door is still attached but you may need to remove the door off the hinges to adjust the knuckles even further. So what the FastCap Adjustable Knuckle Bender did to facilitate this was to integrate a pin that swings out of the FastCap Adjustable Knuckle Bender wrench so you can pop the hinge pins out with a hammer.

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