GaffTech G20NN0 GaffGun Tape Applicator

The Gaffgun G20NN0 tape applicator by Gafftech is an easy to use product that applies gaffing tape over cables on the floor and you can use the Gaffgun to tape wires while standing up.

The front of the unit takes one or more cords and bunches them neatly together while the rear of the unit tapes them down. All of this is done quickly by simply pushing the tool by hand with or without the included handle. No batteries are power cords are needed to operate the product. This product is geared towards stage crews that work with audio/video equipment however this product would be useful for tradesmen that deal with running wires through peoples homes and to tape them down so they are no longer tripping hazards.

This product is available now and is priced over $200 at either $219 with only one size cable guide (small medium and large to choose from) or $269 for the bundle with all the cable guides. The price is pretty steep for a tool like this but my guess has to do with the price of A/V gear since A/V gear is very expensive, Gafftech thought A/V professionals are used to paying premiums for the rest of their gear, why not follow suit. Expensive or not, it still appears to be a real time saver and back saver if you tape cables to the floor often.

A big thanks to Cody Robertson for spotting this.

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