Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Drill and Impact Driver Videos

Two videos popped up today on YouTube from new YouTuber Sean Carlin Designs that focus on the new Harbor Freight Hercules 20V drill and impact driver.

He broke it up into two separate videos, one for each tool and kept them both short at just over 3 minutes each. His videos are basic unboxing videos that show off the new tools themselves to anyone curious about the new Hercules 20V tools that Harbor Freight compares to Dewalt tools. For more info on my personal thoughts on the new Hercules 20V tools click here.

This is what I gathered from the two videos:

  • The tools look very similar to dewalts such as the batteries and handles, especially the impact driver.
  • The batteries look similar, almost identical although they are not interchangeable with Dewalt tools and vice versa. According to the maker of the video, he says that the contacts look the same so they might be able to fit with some sort of modification such as filing some of the plastic down. Confirmation of this is yet to be seen.
  • The batteries feature a built in fuel gauge that’s just like Dewalt’s with a 3 bar fuel gauge.
  • Both tools come with nice cases according to the reviewer. In my opinion, they look very similar in look and design to Milwaukee’s power tool hard plastic cases.
  • The tools come with one battery but luckily the case can hold two batteries. One battery on the tool, an extra battery beside the tool.
  • impact driver chuck is not a one handed chuck, requires two hands to insert and remove bits.
    Bits do not slip in and lock like they do on the 20V Dewalt impacts
  • impact driver design is based more on older 18V style Dewalt impact drivers
  • Drill has a nice metal chuck and it ratchets

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Your title says “Hecules” – you forgot the “r”!
Thanks for posting this!

Sean Carlin

Thanks for the link!!! I’ve been using the drill and driver in the shop and will post a follow up next week!


You’re welcome! Thank you for doing a video on them. Looking forward to the follow up