Hitachi 18V/36V Multi Volt Takes on Dewalt’s Flexvolt

Hitachi just announced a new multi voltage battery that can switch between 18V and 36V and new 36V tools!

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Introducing the MULTI VOLT series, the next generation of cordless system

– MULTI VOLT tools deliver game-changing cordless performance almost equal to 100V AC models’.
– With roughly the same size and weight as the 18V BSL1860 Lithium-ion battery, the new 36V MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion battery provides approximately twice the power output (1kW).
– The MULTI VOLT battery automatically changes between 2 voltages, 18V and 36V, and is backward compatible with our 18V Lithium-ion cordless lineup.

Basically Hitachi is trying to compete directly between Dewalt and their Flexvolt battery system by offering a battery that can operate on both 18 volt tools (backwards compatible with current 18V tools) and 36V tools. Hitachi is also competing against Makita and their X2 36V tools because Hitachi’s new battery can do 36V and with only one battery!

Hitachi claims the new Multi Volt battery is the same size as a 18V 6.0 ah battery. This is because the battery is using two rows of 5 cells. It will either use the two rows in parallel to produce 18V or in series to produce 36V, just like the Dewalt Flexvolt battery. Hitachi also claims their new 36V tools will have performance almost equal to 100V AC corded power tools.

The above video shows the 36V tools outperforming 18V tools but one thing to keep in mind is that they are comparing 18V tools versus 36V tools. The Multivolt battery will only give you 36 volts with a 36V Multivolt power tool. The Multivolt Battery itself is backwards compatible with older 18V tools but the new Multivolt tools are not backwards compatible with Hitachi 18V batteries. When a Multivolt battery is placed in a 18V power tool it will run at 18V and not give increased performance. Something to keep in mind.

What’s also interesting is in the product shot where we can see a new cordless miter saw from Hitachi.

A big thanks to Facebook follower Chris Gkikas for sharing this info!

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  • Cody says:

    Besides the 5 new Hitachi 36volt tools in the article above. The only other Hitachi 36volt tools that are out is two sds hammers, a 36 volt chainsaw,string trimmer, hedge trimmer and leaf blower. A very small line; hopefully Hitachi builds on it.

  • ichbin says:

    a 36V 10Cell Battery is not more powerful than a 18V Battery with 10cells. Dewalt Flexvolt has 15cells inside…

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