Hitachi UL 18 DSL (LYM) Cordless cooler Spotted in Japan

A new cordless cooler has been spotted over in Japan, the Hitachi UL 18 DSL (LYM) Cordless cooler.

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It basically looks and acts like your standard everyday small portable ice chest cooler but it also operates on Hitachi’s 18V lithium ion batteries to provide additional cooling which Hitachi claims can cool down to -20 Celsius and on top of cooling it also has a heating function which may keep your food warm up to 40 Celcius.

According to the Japanese translation, it has a 25 liter interior capacity which is said to be able to fit 20x 500ml water bottles or up to 6x 2 liter bottles meaning it’s not as small as it looks.

But wait there’s more features! It can also be operated by 3 different types of power supplies, of course it can be powerd by battery power with the supplied 6ah 18V battery, it can be powered by plug in AC power, and it can also be powered by your vehicles 12V DC power.

This is definitely a “cool” new tool and would be great if Hitachi sells it here in North America. What do you guys think?

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I like the three power options. If you can have it also plug in with an AC adapter to the wall why is this not an option for every cordless tool? Why not make an adapter that slides into the same place as the battery making every tool cordless and corded? This is similar to the dewalt cordless miter saw that also has a corded adapter. I see no reason companies cannot do the same form 18v tools.

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