Holey Moley Fence Post Digger – Manual Powered Vacuum Assisted Hole Digger

I was browsing YouTube when I found this video recommended to me that has to do with the Holey Moley Fence post digger.

It’s a fence post digger but with a very unusual design. Instead of an auger that drills into the dirt, the Holey Moley is a long metal tube with a special hole saw on one end and a handle and vac port on the other end.

It’s completely manual powered as you have to do all the labor as you swing the handle left to right which causes the hole saw end to bite into the dirt. The vacuum sucks out all the loose dirt as the hole saw does the digging.

It looks like a good workout and the holes only take a few minutes to do manually. The hard dirt on top takes more effort to core through but once you get to a certain depth, the soil is softer and drilling becomes much faster and easier.

What’s interesting is that the hole saw end of the post digger is designed not only to dig but to cut through any rocks in the way.

Pricing is $299 – $345 depending on whether you get the 4 inch or 6 inch model.

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How would this work in gumbo soil?