JET 10 in. Variable Speed Wet Sharpener JWS-10

Jet has announced a new 10 inch Variable Speed Wet Sharpener model number JWS-10. Check out the full press release below for all the deets!

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La Vergne, TN – Whether sharpening a hand planer, wood chisel or well-used kitchen or hunting knife, the new JET ® 10 in. Variable Speed Wet Sharpener is up to the task. The 22.5 lb. benchtop sharpener boasts a 10 in. x 2 in. 220 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel with a ½ in. arbor, and oversized water reservoir to quench the stone while sharpening or grinding. To eliminate burrs, the sharpener is equipped with a 9 in. x 1 in. leather strop honing wheel to deliver a sharp, smooth, fine edge.

The sharpening wheel provides variable-speed operation from 90 to 150 (no-load) rpm and is powered by a 1.8 amp, single-phase 60 Hz motor. Other features include a support arm for jigs; torque adjustment knob; dual-surface stone grader; leather strop honing compound; sealed, water- resistant, on/off rocker switch; 6 ft. power cord; and angle measurement device. The angle measurement device helps determine the proper angle when positioning the tool to the wheel.

The JET Variable Speed Wet Sharpener also includes a straight edge jig and chisel angle jig. The straight edge jig mounts to the support arm and glides across the rail to sharpen chisels, spoke shave and planer blades. The chisel angle jig sets up the proper angle every time and eliminates guesswork when sharpening chisels.

The JET Sharpener has a steel housing and can be mounted to a workbench. The machine’s motor bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed at the factory and require no additional lubrication. The sharpener’s torque adjustment knob is applied if the friction drive slips. This action increases torque to the wheel during heavy use periods.

When using an extension cord, check the owner’s manual for the proper amp rating and cord length.

JET offers 17 optional wet sharpening stone accessories to enhance the benchtop tool’s usefulness. Most accessories mount to the sharpener’s control arm for efficiency and accuracy. Some of the more popular jigs include the Diamond Truing Tool, #727003, which is designed to true the wheel before and after use; the Rotational Base #727001, slightly elevates and rotates the sharpener up to 360º and locks in place, so the user doesn’t have to change positions or lift the sharpener.

The Wood Turning Jig Set, #727200, is a 3-piece set and includes a Gauge Jig, Carving Tool Jig and a Tool Angle Jig. Another popular accessory is the Long Knife Jig #727006, and it’s designed to sharpen knives with 4 in. blades or longer.

The JET 10 in. Variable Speed Wet Sharpener has a 3 year warranty and is backed by the JET Red Assurance service and support program, which features 750 authorized dealers throughout the U.S.The U.S. based customer service program provides tech support as well as extensive online resources, including access to 40,000 unique in-stock parts. To locate the nearest authorized service center call 1-800-274-6848 or click on the SERVICE CENTER link.

Visit  for more information or to locate a dealer for the new JET 10 in. Variable- Speed Wet Sharpener (JWS-10, #727100, $449.99 Retail).

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